OSO2025 - SEAL Team 4 - Operation Inherent Resolve

Naval Special Warfare Squadron Four
SEAL Team 4 with ISOF Golden Division
Al Mansour District, Iraq (March 7, 2017)

S2.5 Body [Soldier Story]
Head Sculpt [Soldier Story]

Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt, MC Black [Easy&Simple]
Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants, MC Black [Easy&Simple]
LBT-0612E Riggers Belt w/Cobra Buckle [Damtoys]

Neck Gaiter [Soldier Story]
Ops-Core FAST Ballistic High Cut Helmet, AOR1 [Soldier Story]
Ops-Core Head-Loc Retention System H-Nape [Soldier Story]
Ops-Core VAS Shroud + Wilcox L4G24 NVG Mount [Soldier Story]
MS2000 Strobe Light [Soldier Story]
NSW Strobe Pouch [Soldier Story]

Ray Ban Sunglasses [Easy&Simple]
Bendable Hands w/Mechanix Gloves [Soldier Story]
Salomon Quest 4D GTX Hiking Boots [Soldier Story]

Eagle D-PC Plate Carrier, AOR1 [Damtoys]
Eagle Double Pistol Mag Pouch FB, AOR1 [Damtoys]
Eagle M60 Ammo Pouch w/Detachable Top Pouch Gen1, AOR1 [Damtoys]
Eagle Frag Grenade Pouch, AOR1 (2x) [Damtoys]
Eagle Single Smoke Grenade Pouch V2, AOR1 [Easy&Simple]
LBT-2645D Insert Bungee Retention [Soldier Story]
LBT-6142C MOLLE 50oz. Hydration Pouch w/Tube, AOR1 [Damtoys]
LBT-9034B Admin Panel, AOR1 [Damtoys]

LBT-9022B Medical Blowout Kit Pouch, AOR1 [Damtoys]

Peltor Com-Tac III ARC Headset Dual Channel w/Nexus U-94 PTT [Soldier Story/DiD]
AN/PRC-152 Radio [Soldier Story]
WHIP Antenna [Soldier Story]

Mk17 Mod0 7.62mm SOF Combat Assault Rifle (Heavy) SCAR-H w/Standard Barrel [Soldier Story]
w/Magpul MOE Grip
Nightforce 3.5-15x50 NXS Scope [Easy&Simple]
Aimpoint Micro T-1 Sight w/Tactical Offset Rail Adapter [Easy&Simple/Delusional]
LA-5/PEQ Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light (AN/PEQ-15 ATPIAL) [Soldier Story]
Tango Down Vertical Fore Grip [Soldier Story]
Atlas BT46-LW17 PSR Bipod [Easy&Simple]
7.62mm SCAR-H Magazine (3x) [Soldier Story]

Safariland 6354DO ALS Optic Mid-Ride Holster [Easy&Simple]
Mk25 Mod0 Pistol [Damtoys]
9mm P226 20rd Pistol Magazine [Damtoys]
9mm P226 15rd Pistol Magazine (2x) [Damtoys]
Pistol Lanyard w/Duty Belt Loop [Damtoys]

Winkler Knife [Damtoys]
M67 Frag Grenade (2x) [Damtoys]
M18 Smoke Grenade [Damtoys]

Carabiner [BBI]
Tactical Medic Scissors [Damtoys]
North American Rescue Combat Application Tourniquet [Damtoys]
Watch [Easy&Simple]
Garmin Foretrex 401 GPS [Easy&Simple]
Pencil [Damtoys]
Stars and Stripes [Damtoys]

US Flag (2x) [Patch]
Iraqi Flag [Patch]
Iraqi SOF Insignia [Patch]


oso, this SEAL is awesome. Very unique. Excellent job.

NICE one and completely new. The black multicam looks really cool with the AOR1 equipment and the MK17. Now i know what to do with blue glasses :wink:.Looks great.

Well done! One of the best I’ve seen. You’ve got an eye for detail.