OSO2028 - SEAL Team 3 - Task Force K-Bar

SEAL Team 3
ECHO Platoon – Task Force K-Bar
Zhawar Kili, Afghanistan (January 6-14, 2002)

3.0 Action Body [Damtoys]
Head Sculpt [Soosootoys]

Parka, Blue [Damtoys]
Desert Combat Uniform (DCU) Shirt, 3C-Desert [Hot Toys]
Desert Combat Uniform (DCU) Pants, 3C-Desert [Hot Toys]
Duty Belt [Damtoys]

Pakol Hat [Toy Soldier]

Oakley Style Sunglasses [Damtoys]
Bare Hands [Soldier Story]
Matterhorn Desert Boots [Toy Soldier]
Front Point Gaiters [Hot Toys]

SPEAR Body Armor Subsystem (BAS) [BBI]
LBT-1879A Chest Rig, 3C-Desert [Toy Soldier]

AN/PRC-148 MBITR w/Thales Handmic [Soldier Story]
WHIP Antenna [Soldier Story]

M4A1 5.56mm SOPMOD Carbine [Soldier Story]
M203A1 12” Barrel 40mm Grenade Launcher [1xDamtoys]
Grenade Launcher Leaf Sight [Soldier Story]
Trijicon RX101NSN Reflex Sight [BBI]
KAC Sound Suppressor Sound [Soldier Story]
AN/PEQ-2 Infared Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light (ITPIAL) [Soldier Story]
USGI M4 5.56mm 30rd Magazine (10x) [Soldier Story]

AN-M14 TH3 Incendiary Grenade [Damtoys]

Carabiner [BBI]
SDU-5E Strobe Light [BBI]
Camera [Toys City]

SEAL Team 3 ECHO Platoon “Embrace The Hate” [Patch]


Something different from the other more modern Seals. Looks great and i love this timeframe with that good old stuff. Really Special Forces like.

Yeah, very nice all around. Love that chest rig, I miss some of the older manufacturers like Ace and Toy Soldier.