OSO3005 - MARSOC - Advanced Sniper V1


Marine Special Operations School
MARSOF Advanced Sniper Course (MASC)
Jacksboro, Texas (October 30, 2013)

2.0 Narrow Shoulders Body [Damtoys]
Head Sculpt “Ryder Watson” [Damtoys]

Crye Precision Gen2 Combat Uniform AC, Woodland [Soldier Story]
LBT-0612E Riggers Belt w/Cobra Buckle [Easy&Simple]
Tee [Soldier Story]

Boonie Hat, Woodland [Ace]

Mechanix Gloved Hands [Damtoys]
Danner USMC RAT Boots [Damtoys]

Crye Precision LV-MBAV w/Radio/Mag Pouch – Side Plate Cummerbund, MJK [Soldier Story]
Haley Strategic D3CR Disruptive Enviroments Chest Rig, Kryptek [MC Toys]

FSBE2 E&R Waist Bag, CB [EasySimple]
Omega Elite Dump Pouch [Easy&Simple]

Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack, CB [Easy&Simple]
FSBE2 Medical Pouch, CB [Easy&Simple]
FSBE2 Sniper Rifle Mag Pouch, CB (2x) [Easy&Simple]

TASC Maritime Headset w/Davies E-Switch PTT [Ace]
AN/PRC-148 MBITR [Soldier Story]
Whip Antenna[ Soldier Story]

Mk13 Mod7 .300 WinMag Sniper Rifle [Easy&Simple]
Horus Falcon 5-20x50 Illuminated Rifle Scope [Delusional]
Surefire SOCOM762RC Sound Suppressor [Easy&Simple]
Harris Bi-Pod [Easy&Simple]
AN/PEQ-15 Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light (ATPIAL) [Easy&Simple]
.300 WinMag Magazine (5x) [Easy&Simple]

Emerson CQC-12 Folding Knife [Easy&Simple]
M18 Smoke Grenade (2x) [Easy&Simple]

Gerber Multi-Plier w/Pouch [Damtoys]
Surefire G2Z Combat Light [Hot Toys]
VIP IR Strobe Light [Soldier Story]
Casio G-Shock Watch [Damtoys]
Tactical Wristband w/Reference Card [Playhouse]
Nalgene Bottle [Hot Toys]

Hog Saddle Shooting Platform [Easy&Simple]

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Very, very nice. The camo on the face is amazing.