OSO4002 - USMC Force Reconnassance - 2nd Force Recon Company


2nd Force Recon Company
26th MEU(SOC)
Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group
USS Iwo Jima, Mediterranean Sea (2003)

2.0 Body [Flagset]
Head Sculpt [BBI]

CWU-27/P Nomex Flight Suit [BBI]

Balaclava [BBI]
Modular Integrated Communication Helmet (MICH) TC-2000 [Toy Soldier]
USGI Rhino NVG Mount System [Toy Soldier]
Bollé T-800 Tactical Goggles [BBI]

Bendable Hands w/Nomex Gloves [Soldier Story]
Alta Tactical Kneepads [BBI]
Matterhorn USMC Combat Boots [Toy Soldier]

FSBE Amphibious Assault Vest (AAV), Woodland [BBI]
FSBE M4 CQB two-mag Pouch, Woodland (3x) [BBI]
FSBE Single .45 Pistol Mag Pouch, Woodland (4x) [BBI]
FSBE Saber Radio Pouch, Woodland [BBI]
FSBE Medical Pouch, Woodland [BBI]
FSBE SAW 200-rd Ammo Pouch, Woodland (2x)(one inverted for holding a gas mask) [BBI]
FSBE HABD Carrier w/Helicopter Aircrew Breath Device (HABD), Woodland [BBI]
LPU-34/R Life Preserver [BBI]
Hydration Pouch, Woodland [Dragon]

Gun Belt w/Combat Suspenders [BBI]
Triple .45 Pistol Mag Speed Reload Pouch, BLK[BBI]
FSBE Drop Leg Panel, Woodland [Toys City]
w/FSBE M4 CQB Pouch, Woodland (2x)
w/FSBE Frag Grenade Pouch, Woodland (2x)
Assault Vest System (AVS) Drop Pouch, BLK [Hot Toys]

TASC Maritime Headset w/TEA Davies E-Switch PTT [Toy Soldier]
Motorola Saber Radio [BBI]

M4A1 Carbine Close Quarter Battle Weapon (CQBW) [Soldier Story]
M4/M16 Removable Carry Handle [BBI]
KAC Forward Handgrip [Soldier Story]
Trijicon RX101NSN Reflex Sight [BBI]
Visible Light Illuminator (VLI) [BBI]
USGI M4 5.56mm Magazine (7x) [Soldier Story]

Safariland 6004 SLS Tactical Holster [Ace]
M45 MEU(SOC) .45 Pistol [Soldier Story]
Wilson Combat .45 ACP M1911 Magazine (8x) [Soldier Story]
Pistol Lanyard w/Duty Belt Loop [Hot Toys]

Multi Purpose Knife (MPK) [BBI]
M6A1 CN-DM Gas Grenade (2x) [BBI]
M67 Frag Grenades (2x) [Soldier Story]

ASP Baton w/Holder [Dragon]
D-Ring [BBI]
Flashlight [BBI]
MCU2/P Gas Mask [BBI]

26th MEU(SOC) Patch



Nice Figure. One of your Classic ones. The stuff from the 90´s and 2000 is always cool looking. I like the use of the M4A1 in CQBW Version from the Soldier Story NYPD Figur. Something different than an standard M4A1 oder MP5. Also your Figure shows that the older stuff brom BBI or TS is always good for bashing. :+1::+1::+1: