OSO4006 - Marine Force Recon - 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU)

Marine Force Reconnaissance
Force Reconnaissance Platoon – Maritime Raid Force
26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU)
Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure (VBSS) training, Souda Bay, Greece (November 5, 2015)

Crye Precision FROG Combat Shirt, Desert MARPAT [Soldier Story]
Crye Precision FROG Combat Ensemble Trouser, Desert MARPAT [Soldier Story]
Riggers Belt [Easy&Simple]

Gentex TBH-IIIA Mission Configured Helmet System - High Cut [Crazy Dummy]
Ops-Core Head-Loc Retention System H-Nape [Crazy Dummy]
Ops-Core Accessory Rail Connectors (ARC) [Soldier Story]
Ops-Core VAS Shroud [Soldier Story]
Wilcox NVG Retention Lanyard [Damtoys]
Princeton Tec Switch MPLS Helmet Light [Soldier Story]
MS2000 Strobe Light [Soldier Story]
Bungee Cord [Soldier Story]

Wiley X Sunglasses [Easy&Simple]
Mechanix Gloved Hands [Damtoys]
Danner USMC RAT Boots [Soldier Story]

FSBE2 MBSS Plate Carrier, CB [Easy&Simple]
FSBE2 Modular Assault Pack (MAP), CB [Easy&Simple]
FSBE2 MBITR Radio Pouch, CB [Easy&Simple]
Eagle Shingle Single Mag Pouch, CB (3x )[Easy&Simple]

Padded Tactical Belt, CB [Easy&Simple]
Eagle Shingle Single Mag Pouch, CB [Easy&Simple]
FSBE2 Dump Pouch, CB [Easy&Simple]
HSGI Single Pistol TACO MOLLE Pouch, CB (3x) [Damtoys]

TEA Cobra Tactical Headset w/PTT [Playhouse]
AN/PRC-148 MBITR [Playhouse]
TCI M.A.S.T. Antenna Relocation Kit [Playhouse]
WHIP Antenna [Playhouse]

M4A1 5.56mm SOPMOD Carbine [Easy&Simple]
w/RISII M4A1 FSP [Delusional]
KAC Backup Iron Sight [Damtoys]
EOTech Model 553A65 Holosight [Damtoys]
AN/PEQ-16A Mini Integrated Pointing Illumination Module (MIPIM) [Damtoys]
USGI M4 5.56mm 30rd Magazine (5x) [Easy&Simple]

Safariland 6004 SLS Tactical Holster Gen3 Light w/Single Strap Leg Shroud [Soldier Story]
M45A1 USMC Close Quarter Battle Pistol (CQBP) w/SureFire Handgun WeaponLight Military Series [Easy&Simple]
Wilson Combat .45 ACP M1911 Magazine (4x) [Easy&Simple/Damtoys]
Gear Keeper Retractable Sidearm Tether [DiD]

SOG SEAL2000 PUP Knife w/Nylon Sheath [DiD]

Extraction Personal Retention Lanyard [Damtoys]
Tactical Flotation Support System (1 pair) [Damtoys]
Carabiner [Damtoys]
Surefire G2 Flashlight w/V70 Polymer Speed Flashlight Holder [Damtoys]
Light Sticks [Damtoys]
Suunto Watch [Damtoys]

Force Recon Tag [Patch]


Another winner oso. Love the helmet for some reason. You just don’t stop. :smiley:

That is an awsome looking Marine. Very cool combination of the parts. The helmet looks great with the rails and in sand color. Also the weapon is something different. Looks like the old Soldier Story Balaclava from the SOAR Figure. Very nice Choice. And great weathering on the boots.