Other interest other than 1/6

I thought that this subject should be included. So I will start first. I have so many interest…

1.) Lego (Mostly city series)
2.) Stamp Collecting (Mostly Korean stamps, but I collect all over the world.)
3.) Watch Collecting (Up to 20 watches so far…)
4.) Audiophile (Inherited my father’s old stereo system.)


Outside of this hobby I have a few others, my favorite is my jeep, I’ve got a lot wrapped up in it and swapping in a hemi in this summer.
I’m also a fitness nut and love lifting weights (beneficial for my job also). I also build ar’s and also a bit into compound bows, also big into wakeboarding and surfing, I used to be big into megabloks halo series


Fun topic!

  1. music and producing music. Since I were 14-15 yrs old (I’m 42 now) I’ve been into music; bands, session player (both live and studio) and producing bits here and there.
    My kind of…mindfullness.

  2. movies. Mostly horror and sci-fi. Have a huge gulity pleasure in creature features.
    Best movie ever: Alien. Hands down😉

  3. EFX pedals. Kinda collecting them and discover new sounds. Currently have two pedal boards that’s constantly changning layout with my 50+ pedals…
    Run ’em with some of my 10+ electric guitars and fice amps.

  4. Prepping and (outback) hiking. Also functions like mindfullness.

I also used to be a model builder, casual horror collector and were huge into Mattels MOTU Classics line back in the day.



Somehow, this topic is really refreshing after all the current routines with lockdown. @Swede_113 Lucky you, you are excepted from this measure!

Basically, I do acrobatic gymnastics, do some reading on mostly documentaries and novels and are not missing any Juventus football game. For some resaon, I didn’t really use my PS4 for a longer time now. I also used to travel a lot, but…Went to Iceland in early 2020 (kind of last opportunity without any difficulties, I guess) and was quite amazing seeing nothing but snow, waterfalls and mostly darkness from 4pm till 10am.


@chpo Yeah but living in a society with no lockdown is a two-sided sword🤷🏻‍♂️ Working in our local hospital I have seen the consequences of a CoVid-19 society with no lockdown and that’s no fun experience, belive me😔
Anyway I digress and won’t go off topic.

On topic: I read a lot and have been into H P Lovecraft since my early teens.


Sorry, I can’t :wink:

I am just in the middle of the Necronomicon, collection of lots of his work. Quite different to what I read normally, but interesting and trains your English!


Great thread idea! I have had zero interactions with 1/6th enthusiasts in real life, so reading everyone’s reactions is interesting. It certainly helps dispel certain negative myths about 1/6th collectors (and hobbyists generally).

I’m a history undergrad with teaching aspirations, currently in the army reserves (combat eng). Used to play rugby but now the focus is on weightlifting, running, and hiking. Hobbies include this (obviously), reading, movies, and gaming. I also love to travel but, like chpo, the past year’s lockdown has made that impossible. My last trip was also to Iceland!

Swede_113 - stay safe! I hope things improve sooner rather than later


Single-player video games! Been a gamer for years. On the Nintendo side, I’ve got a SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, and Switch. Handhelds: Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, original DS, original 3DS, 3DS XL x2 (Zelda: LBW and Persona Q models), and New 3DS XL (Zelda: Majora’s Mask model). Also have the NES Classic, SNES Classic, and the Japanese version of the SNES Classic, the Super Famicom Mini.

On the Sony side, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, and…Vita.

I never sell any of my games, so I have a ton of them going back to my childhood.

Lego! My favorite aspect of Lego is minifigs and minifig accessories (read that in Hank Hill’s voice), especially medieval ones, but I also like to collect and build large, detailed sets. Some of my most recent acquisitions are all twelve minifigs from Collectible Minifigures Series 21, the Medieval Blacksmith (finally, a traditional Castle set!), Ninjago City Gardens (I have the other two in the Ninjago City line), the modular Police Station (I have all of the modulars but three!), and the Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina. And speaking of Star Wars, one of the jewels of my Lego collection is the massive Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon…now Lego’s second-largest set by piece count.

One thing that I don’t do much of in Lego is free building or making my own creations. Well, other than mixing and matching custom purist minifigs. Haven’t felt inspiration to create any of my own models in years, I’m afraid.


“Lego! My favorite aspect of Lego is minifigs and minifig accessories (read that in Hank Hill’s voice), especially medieval ones, but I also like to collect and build large, detailed sets.”
I used to have those sets! The castles! I loved them! Had pirate ships…but man…it gets unmanageable so I sold all the sets except the city series.

It is fun reading all of what the other members do on their free time…keep them coming!

@chpo Always fun to meet another HPL-reader. My absolute favourites are The Shadow over Innsmouth, At the Moutains of Madness and The Colour Out of Space.

@Canuck Will do👍🏼 You too


Model building and other collecting. Dinosaurs and 1/50 scale diecast models. Mostly construction and mining machines but also trucks and tractors. Also ends up being a very expensive hobby…


Retired now, with all of the accompanying familial things (even before Covid), staying vertical and mobile, as long as possible. I mostly do core exercises, with breathing.

Besides onesix, I have been reacqurring Army Men (mostly 1/32), on a leisurely scale.
I wargamed for years, and up until about last April-May.
Still do a lot of shooting, when ranges are relatively safe.
I’ve taken courses in CPR (which came in handy), and some first aid, including trauma courses for using IFAKs.

Some years ago (mostly pre-children), I practiced several martial arts .
Rode my now disassembled motorcycle a lot, then.
At 40, I did my first static line jump, which I survived, literally. My Missus’ patience, and the little ones, curtailed further jumps.

Did some caving, climbing, and LOTS of rappelling (the last at work, which creeped out some co-workers).

All of my life, I’ve been a voracious reader, and my books have reached the number that I’ll likeley never read them all…which is kind of the point.


These are still to come, as I read these short stories in between other things, not conescutively. But so far, I liked the Statement of Randolph Carter. Lurking Fear, I just started, might also turn out nice.

Sounds great. Did you do the round trip as well? We ended up here accidently staying over night and having the best lamb chop in my life. The whole dish was great, even the potatoes and the colorful salt they have in Iceland.


Which would that be? BJJ as well when you are concentrating on the core with your exercises?

Since childhood, I have always liked guns, and I have a nice collection today, modern weapons (Colt, Beretta, AK …) and black powder weapons (Colt 1860 replicas, Martini Henry 1870 rifles …), all functional and I shoot fairly regularly. In France, if you say you have weapons, you are considered “weird”

I also have a nice collection of books, and some posters signed by H.R. Giger (Alien’s dad), and I have visited his bar and museum in Switzerland several times …

… with all that, I always had to have only old cars :yum: :yum:


Wow… just WOW!!! That must been a amazing trip that museum, right?:scream:

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… I don’t have children, and I am a good handyman … so when I can I make small (or bigger …) things to give to my loved ones … for example this DeathStar Funko Pop with lighting Led …


Right now, my most time-consuming hobby is riding, not 1/6.
I was infected by the horse virus late in life, starting at the age of 40 with lots of enthusiasm and little wisdom, paying for it with a broken back. After 8 weeks in a spine splint, I just got back into the saddle and I love it to this day!
Otherwise, concerning sports, I am a frequent runner, doing 10 km runs to semi-marathons, my knees and lack of motivation preventing me from going longer distances.
I’ve been a pen and paper role player since my teens and still play AD&D with the same crew of nerds that started out almost forty years ago. Since then, I also paint fantasy miniatures, mostly the 32/35mm range. As of late, my eyesight is somewhat declining, making that hobby a little more difficult.
Otherwise, I’m into music, still having a large CD collecting from the Eighties and Nineties, mostly the heavier and harder music styles, punk rock/hardcore, metal, rock’n’roll, frankly anything with loud and distorted guitars.
With all of that, my job and a little daughter, my days are pretty much filled up…


@chpo - yep, the full ring road in 4 days. We used campgrounds exclusively, though - that hotel looks incredible, maybe next time!

This thread is great - you all lead such interesting lives! It’s interesting to see how many commonalities there are too. Here’s another question: how many people are aware of your hobby? For me, it’s only my girlfriend and immediate family.

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Same, only my fiancée and my parents know about it


How many people are aware of this hobby - sounds like we were doing something freaky or kinky… I must admit that with me, it’s also just my inner familiy and some close pals - who all DO think it is freaky… Since I have some other strange hobbies with a high “nerd” factor, they kind of take it lightly, though…
On my above list I forgot:
I have a long-lasting affection and fascination for anything with a blade on it, owning quite a number of knives. Mostly tactical folders, some fixed blades, classics like a Sykes Fairbairn, and the like.
Also, some replicas of Iron Age/Viking/Medieval swords, spears, axes and armor. My “Grail piece” in this respect is a handforged and quite sharp replica of the sword of Sir William Marshal, Lord Marshal of England, servant of five Plantagenet kings…
For quite some years, I did Iron Age Celtic and Medieval reenactment, as well. So, you see, I do all kinds of things that “normal” people might find somewhat off the wall…