Other interest other than 1/6

The museum is located in Switzerland in a very old castle, on several floors … sure it’s quite fabulous for a fan of Giger, all his original paintings, and the Aliens from the movie and across the street , in this medieval village, we find the dedicated bar … as incredible as the museum … go and drink a little Alien Coffee … cheers … :blush:


I did some unspectacular wrestling in High School (a tortuous discipline of severe dietary regimen, running heated stairs in layers of sweats under a rubber suit, and…grappling). After 1970, I started out studying karate at a local school not unlike the Cobra Kai school in Karate Kid, lol.

I fell in with a variety of martial arts guys who practiced at a supply shop/dojo, where I met my American Aikido sensei. He’d been a judoka, during his time as a Navy doc, in the Korean War, so we had a full plate - Aikido, Aiki-jutsu, some Judo (LOTS of break falling), after-class sparring in Bogu with bamboo Shinai, wooden Bokken, and both bamboo and wood polearms, a Nihon-Go teacher, and traditional foods. He had wanderlust, so we studied with him between his overseas trips. He brought back laminated, asymmetrical bows, and we built our own arrows, to study Kyudo (archery). Those were good times, with interaction among schools, and doing demonstrations at tournaments, grade and high schools, a parade, and one “toney” party.

Several of us studied briefly with an American Iaido/Iaijutsu instructor, for about a year. We came out of that with mostly, a few minor injuries.

After that, one of our friend’s Okinawan sensei came over to the midwest, and we had the opportunity to study Okinawan Kempo, Taihojitsu (a jujitsu-like art, mostly wrist and joint locks), and several traditional weapons.
My studies were 5-6 days a week, after work, and on Saturday.

After getting married in 1975, I continued to study, but work and marriage “reduced my hours”, and when our daughter arrived in 1981, practice occurred out in the back yard, and in my head. I still practiced break falling, and it saved my six a number of times, in accidental falls at work. The Missus frowned on my falls in the house, no matter how quiet.

Brazilian Jujitsu showed up, much like MMA and Krav Maga, long after my days were thru. Their practical approaches are appealing, and accepted, unlike the old friction between traditional and adapted fighting once was.

I will also observe that many students of traditional martial arts also pursued firearms disciplines.

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1:6 Stuff, though in recent years it has slowed down quite a bit. I don’t see it ever really disappearing, but my activity is way down. It was a natural progression to 1:6 from Star Wars, and smaller scaled military themed hobbies. The smaller scales have been retired, and made way to move to 1:6. An avid interest in military equipment and history always kept my attention.

Lego has always been an addiction. Predominantly Star Wars, but all aspects of those little bricks have been an addiction since my youth. Always will be. It’s like a fun 3D puzzle building experience. If I ever have to quit all the other hobbies, this will the the last one standing.

My lot of VWs in various states of repair/disrepair/restoration.

Reading assorted materials as time allows. Mountain biking, hiking, and traveling as time allows, and now that a previous health issue has been taken out of the picture.


That’s a really ambitious and versatile history of martial arts. True, a lot of stuff stuff changed. I remember in the beginning, when full contact fighting was still a minor thing except for boxing. Now, with MMA, BJJ, Sambo, Vale Tudo etc it’s basically normal.

For certain arts like Krav Maga, it’s essential, when pursuing the military variant. I only did Kung Fu, Thai Boxing and some BJJ in the past. Need to highlight, that football (soccer) is much more dangerous in my opinion, when comparing my injuries as being a goalkeeper to doing martial arts.

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I try to show everyone my collection if they are willing to come over to the house…


I’m kinda late to the party on this one but yes definitely agree it’s nice to dispel some of negative stereotypes of people who enjoy this hobby. I’ve had a good guy friend say it will repel women if they found out (which is not true) but it does show the negative stereotypes some have.

Interesting how so many people were into martial arts. In my younger days (40 now) I was seriously into boxing and BJJ. Also liked dancing and late nights out with the guys. Now with a young family I do a little bit of boxing just to stay active and mostly just watch the fights. Most hobbies are more sedentary now - reading, movies, and just spending time with the baby before he grows up.


I’m another watch collector (Casios/G-Shocks), and I also love Star Wars stuff (especially prop lightsabers). I used to do roller derby, and still try and skate as much as I can (this past year it has been hard to go anywhere except outside!)


Wow…found another watch collector. What G-Shocks do you have? I have the Rangeman and an MTG 2000

Now, I just have to find stamp collectors…

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That MTG is beautiful! I have a Rangeman in the olive color, but I was debating swapping the resin out to a different color. I just counted and I have 50 G’s and 16 regular Casios (plus one Swatch and an Eaglemoss Batusi!) They are just really fun watches… I like to try and match them to my sneakers/shoes. :slight_smile: I did just cheat on Casio again and ordered the gold PacMan Timex for ultimate retro charm.

My dad collected stamps for years. When he was packing up to move to Florida he did some organizing and realized he had accidentally picked up two (or more) sheets of some of them. For months I would get cards and letters with about three dozen one & three cent stamps from thirty years ago all over it. Those things don’t expire! :smiley:


Wow…50 G’s and 16 regular Casio…I can’t even image. Rangeman…I did not even know that they had it olive color until it was too late…LOL!
I have always like Casio’s. Ever since my father bought me my first digital Casio watch in the late '70. Boy…they have come a long way…LOL!

Father collected stamps… It is relaxing collecting stamp, but my eyes can’t take it for too long.

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Outside of this, most of my hobby money goes towards Star Wars memorabilia and fragrance collecting (Tom Ford, Creed, MFK, to name a few houses I enjoy).


I have been buying them for a while and they add up. Most of the regular Casios were picked up during the pandemic… so I’m new to those! Most of mine are fun colorful ones, but I do have a soft spot for the GAW-100 series. My dad also got me unto G’s. He was in the Air Force and picked one up at the exchange. As soon as I saw it, I was hooked.

Believe it or not the olive Rangeman was on clearance at one point. That is when I picked mine up. :slight_smile:


For about twenty years it seemed like I never left the house without bringing home at least one 3.75" Star Wars figure. They add up so much faster than the 6" ones for me. For $5 I bought them without thinking (one of each and army building troopers) but the $20-$25 price tag of the 6" Black Series makes me pause a bit.

I finally unloaded about 1000+ loose (dusty) figures and put DVDs and books on the shelves they filled up… socially distancing like an adult! Haha.


Cars used to be my passion as that was something I could share with my dad. With my left leg rendered less than fully operational I’ve been able to continue that and other interests through collecting diecast and other scale sized stuff that still lets me keep a connection. The price increases to diecast has slowed that down in recent years but there is always something else to collect that reminds me of various things I’ve done or experienced over the years. Going on the hunt to track down things not readily accessible brings back fond memories of the golden ages of brick and mortar retail. I only use stamps for mailing (sorry Dave!) but I have a few large lego sets waiting to be built. Never enough time or space to put things is there?


Hay guy’s just came across this and found it very interesting. The same and different passions people have. So here go’s, born 71 early b.m.x racing mid 80s b.m.x freestyle in skate parks 90s decade drugs and jails not proud but beat it( a lot of hard work and still is ) then mtb downhill freerideing and moto dirt bike. While all ways into military modeling, star wars ,Syfi , rock music love slash g.n.r ac.dc and tattoos and art . Always inspired by farther who for 40yrs built and sold 1.72scale r.c model battle ships all around the world ( top 10 model boat Biulder in the world) ( task force 72 ) .50 years of age now farther of 5 and widower , Biulder and plaster by trade and still rideing mtb and motos . Love the 1/6 hobby so do the kids and family, close mate’s don’t get it they see a long hair tattooed free rider that Builds military Barbie dolls . Lol but they do appreciate it so it’s all good :+1: