Paint color close to geissele ddc

New here, I’ve been working on a more current cag figure and was wondering if anyone had suggestions on a paint color close to geissle ddc for the smr rail, I have e&s 416 from their Burkina Faso figure and to me the rail is to bright of a bronze to go on a tanodized 416. I bought the e&s 416 22lr for the receiver color and not wanting to spend 65 on the a5. Also if anyone has a fde ctr stock for sale or trade that’d be awesome

Hi Woody,
Try experimenting with a mix of Tamiya Flat Earth with a little Tamia Silver thrown in to give it the metallic look.

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I tried this method, the flat earth looked great on stocks, I was wondering if khaki or desert yellow mixed together would mabye bring it a bit closer, I’m shooting for great color that the 416a5 from the French figure is, almost gold, I know it can vary a little in color on the rail, even geissle says no two rails will have the same exact color

The color of the HK416 A5 is RAL8000. There are special colors from Vallejo to cover these RAL shades. The matching color would be " Vallejo Surface Primer German Grün Braun - RAL8000" but like you said Geissele won’t guarantee the tone of their rails and accessories.




RAL1001 (stock)

Thanks, I’m gonna order those and give them a try, I broke down and bought the French a5 so now I’ll have to up to date cag rifles