Painted 1/6 rifles

Been painting figures and building model kits for years all scales yet oddly never 1/6. Always “collected” 12inch figures, yet never used my painting/modelling skills to kitbash. Well I’m making up for lost time and thought I would share some of my work with you all.

Top rifle is the Swedish AK 5 purchased from shapeways from 3dscalemodels. He can upscale an item by 10% to better match 12 inch figures (NOTE this rifle is his standard 1/6 scale) - I found some rifles to be a little skinny to the eye, so had them up scaled, they then matched with my other 1/6 scale rifles from Damtoys etc.

Other rifles are cheap plastic snap fit kits you find on ebay/aliexpress etc. Painted up and added things like, krystal clear on scopes rather than left open. Kristal clear from microscale industries is a liquid plastic that can be spread between small areas. left to dry it forms a clear plastic. Often used in modelling for cockpits/windscreens/windows. i use it to create scope lens rather than leave them empty.

Top and second from bottom guns purchased from shapeways. All others snap fit plastic kits.

Above rockets I made a mould from Damtoys Royal Marine Commando figure I have. Currently working on some 16 Airborne Kitbash(s) & wanted to have that “carrying the kitchen sink” look (loaded up with kit!). Not the best reproductions I have made. Used up some awful stuff I bought. Meant to be a clean resin white powder just add water. What came in post was basically plaster of paris used for making dioramas (even said this on the tub). Not the nest stuff for this type of work. Powdery so any sanding really removes layers & even leaves groves etc. Hence you may notice one in particle is very…er…banana in shape? I will one day revisit these rockets and use my usual resin. Oh labels off internet, hard to find good images to re-scale. Never realised I should have taken photos of labels on Damtoys original rocket, may have given a better result? Again next time. Great hobby you can always find ways to do the job…its just getting the inspiration.



That AK5 looks a great piece. Would really like to see this commercially produced one day.

I agree, that AK5 is real nice. Camo jobs look nice as well.

So that is an AK5…uh… Did they ever produce these? If so, who produced them?

Nice job on the paint scheme!

I had to google that question, I new rifle used by Swedish army, but who made them;
Swedish company FFV Ordnance AB (now part of Saab Bofors Dynamics - SBD) under license from FN. Looks like SBD developed further variants for Swedish army.

Paint scheme was a pleasure to reproduce - thanks for comment. Plan one day to do a Swedish kitbash inspired by this rifle…one day