Painting Commissions question

Does anyone know of an artist doing commissions for rifle painting? I’ve tried several times doing it myself and I’m just not satisfied, all I need done is the receiver painted on an hk 416

Do you have an example of what you’d want it to look like?

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I just need the upper and lower receiver and buffer tube painted

Are those the colors you were going for?

These are the colors I am going for

Not sure if you already tried it but I’d suggest using spray paint for the repaint. I’ve used rustoleum products before and would recommend them.

I really don’t know any artists who would be available. I know @turkeyshot does some fantastic weapon mods but I don’t know if he does any painting commission work.

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Thanks, I’ll try the rustoleom, I’d seen the cans of it tgat color but didn’t know how well it would work

Thanks for the shout out Sun Gzu. Yes, I have done a number of commissions for fellow collectors, but my personal circumstances dictated that I had to stop doing this a few years ago. I would like to resume this again one day, provided that my situation allows it.

Woody, as Sun Gzu has already suggested, for best results you really want to use some method to spray the paint on. You want it to go on even and thin. I started off using aerosol spray cans of Tamiya hobby paint (readily available from most hobby stores - although that may change under the current climate in the age of COVID-19). I have not used Rustoleum but know that a few others have used it to good effect. Just be careful to lay it down in thin coats so you don’t get too much paint build up. While spray cans are great, they are not without shortcomings. They can be quite wasteful as you will get a lot of overspray with a lot of the paint settling on whatever is behind the piece you are trying to paint. They also only come in limited colours, so getting the exact colour you want can be a challenge. That said, if you aren’t doing too much painting, they are a good economical option. Eventually I graduated up to an airbrush, which permits much more accurate placement of paint and allows me to mix my own colours.

For best results, you should dismantle the rifle as far as possible without breaking it. Handguards, barrels, and stocks can easily be removed and the receiver can be split in 2 after removing a pin or 2. I would also recommend masking off areas you don’t want painted with some masking tape. Areas of overspray can always be touched up later with a small brush.

Good luck with it. I look forward to seeing some of your results.

Thanks, I only plan on a few receivers for now, and I actually have a sheet full of custom water slide decals to try and add, they have all the hk markings from both sides of the magwell and the fire selector, definitely gonna try the spray paint though

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Where did you get the decals from? Can you share some pics?

It was through Bad Mother’s Tattoo, I sent an fb msg to him and he replied a day later I think and he does commissions, you just have to send pics, I haven’t applied any but he sent me pics of it applied to a dam m4 and it looked perfectly scaled, I got over a 150 decals from him for under 30 bucks but they are white decals on white transfer paper so they’re pretty difficult to see

Hi woody,

here are the colors you could use for it. With a good brush and a little bit water for the accrylic colors you done the job with good results.

Here is the link: Paint color close to geissele ddc