Pathfinders 16th Air Assault Brigade Part 1


Hi all,

I expect we all have our favourite type of figure(s). Mine is “The Brits” - I decided to do two or three of my own modern British 16th Air Assault personnel. I’ve ended up with ten figures, how, well let me explain.

Their is no MTP uniform that’s easily available or does not cost the earth if you manage to find a piece. Think Damtoys & Green Wolf (Task Force CB) are the only companies to attempt MTP at present. So I had to look for alternatives within the current market that are (a) available (b) do not break the bank. Came down to two options (1) E&S FBI HRT agent uniform & kit (images coming in part 2). (2) Very Hot uniform sets US army multi cam (images coming in part 3).

So below images are figures that have mostly been put together using E&S kit, I have mixed stuff like new MTP webbing from SAS figures.

Headscult by Tony Barton ( Painted by me. Hot toys M4. Patches created by me. webbing etc E&S SAS MTP. Uniform E&S FBI

Forgot to mention boots from Dragon…really like the look.

Second Pathfinder was a quick bash (certainly getting better at these…you would expect it though after doing so many!). Used Mini Times navy seal uniform set I had. Head is a blank purchased off ebay and painted by me. M4 again ebay cheap chines click together kit, painted by me. Glasses from my Puzzle Bomb set.

Well thats my pathfinders. Part 2 will cover E&S based figures. Part 3 Very Hot based figures. Go make yourself a cuppa & get a butty…we could be here a long time lol.



Those are the two first to market with a uniform. I have a bunch of the DAM MTP and DPM squirreled away for the same reason (squads). The GWG MTP rendition is the better of the two for my liking as it has a bit less of a yellow cast to it compared to DAM. The new ES rendition seems a bit overdone color wise, but I imagine they will have something coming in the future given they have invested in the fabric and pattern and one limited run of SAS figures won’t cover that investment.


Again, awesome stuff there D.