Pathfinders Platoon?

I cannot understand why no brand has shown no interest in British Paras´ Pathfinders Platoon. I am a newbie and don´t have too much free time. I will upload pics as soon as I have time left to learn how to do it, but, just to make you salivate in excess, they use:

Arid MTP cammo clothing
Thales Minie-D/IR thermal imaging NVGs
L119A1 rifle
QIOPTIQ Dragon SR RWS electronic thermal imaging scope with up to x6 digital magnification and with a Shield red dot on top of it
Rheinmetall LLM03 Vario-Ray target designator and iluminator

Don´t you think they would make a very different figure? I am starting to feel fed up with so many NSWDG guys in AOR1

I’d definitely like to see that subject matter covered. You MAY be able to kitbash your own version however, using existing parts from DAM and GWG.

  • Web gear - DAM has produced PLCE (?) webbing, and Pathfinders use the Crye AVS platform, which has been produced by everyone.
  • Rifle - I think you may be able to build one from ES parts. Additionally, the new marksman rifle (?) has been made by ES. And there’s a great FN MINIMI made by DAM from another British figure.
  • Helmet - some sort of FAST high-cut will work.
  • Boots - Altbergs, Lowas, I’m sure Hanwags too - made by DAM and GWG
  • Rucks/3rd line kit - made by DAM and DML
  • Uniform - MTP combats have been made by DAM, GWG and others. Crye fatigues work too.

Correct me if I’m wrong on any of these!

Here’s a couple of my favourite Pathfinder pictures:

![XNjLk40|690x460](upl oad://nqtax7GrqM4WMp85Gf8VymRRkuH.jpeg)

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Thanks for the list Canuck. The new MTP cammo is not the usual one but the “Arid” version that is somehow redish brown.

here you have a link:

There you can see all the mentioned equipment. I think it is their newest one and really would make a difference in terms of a future figure release.


Hey, I didn’t know about that! You’re right, that would be pretty sweet to see. That optic you mentioned earlier would be great too.

That optic is really impressive. It is British made and it is electronic. It has a digital zoom capability for rising the magnification from x3 to x6!!!.According to Quioptiq website you can detect a man at close night with this thermal imaging optic up to at a 2000 meters distance. For CQB it has on top of it a Shield red dot reflex sight that is British made too, as all we know cause one of the Damtoys British figures comes with a Shield on top an Elcan Specter DR.

Everything round these pathfinders is very special. Most of its equipment is not what we see in use by the rest of UKSF. whereas the rest of the UKSF use American equipment pathfinders use French NVG, German visible and IR lasers target designator and iluminator, British optics… It would be a very different new figure. Not to speak on how pretty Arid MTP cammo is.

And all the NVG and rifle optic are Thermal Imaging. It seems like they don´t like starlight amplification devices.

Interesting stuff. I’d love to see a series of pathfinders, one Brit, a Canadian, maybe a French and Dutch one too… here’s hoping lol