Perspective for second part of 2019

I open this little topic to get your opinion.
It seems to me that this first half of the year 2019 gives the impression of a real breathlessness of the figure 1/6 … Among the main manufacturers I take for example SoldierStory who has taken a huge delay on the few figures that we wait. For Dam and Flagset, the outputs are there, but it seems that the number of products sold is quite limited, if I rely on the rare review of the BBICN forum. I take as an example only these suppliers … We will attend an almost announced end of our hobby for this second part of the year … or rebound that I hardly expect …

It seems like Soldier Story and DAM are either not getting product out the door or perhaps too focused on cost optimization which effects their choice of themes. If we look at Soldier Story it is hard to imagine what would cause such lengthy delays as below. Officially they have only stated the AOR1 camo on the Voodoo hasn’t been made to their standard yet. At their current pace you wonder if we will see more than 1-2 figures for the rest of the year.

  • NSW Seal - Dealer announced 6/15/18 for Q4 2018 release
  • ISOF Gunner - Dealer announced 4/10/18 for Q3 2018 release
  • Voodoo - Dealer announced 2/28/18 for Q3 2018 release

On the DAM side from the 4 remaining figures scheduled for this year you are looking at a Russian or Chinese figure as there is only the DEA SRT figure as an alternate choice. The choice to reuse major parts of tooling and key parts to make 2-3 different figures in a more cost effective manner is forcing a focus on specific niches that may not appeal to everyone and even then the variety is somewhat limited. If you are into US figures there is basically only two choices from DAM over two years of production, and even then your only other choices or Russian or Chinese figures. To be fair they have quite a few licensed products, statues, 1/12, etc that are diverting resources.

Easy Simple has a fairly regular output and with a 1-2 month turn around time from announcement to delivery we can expect to see more from them by the end of the year as the furthest out release is due for August. They have done a good job in filling in the gaps and at least offering some timely alternatives.

With lead times being any where from 6 months to over a year from some and the restricted choice of subject matter you might only buy one or two products of a given brand in a year. Even if we look at new categories like 1/12 everyone is rehashing and repackaging old subject matter so that has limited appeal beyond the interest level in a different scale. It would be nice to see some gear sets to fill in the gaps and provide something to sustain customer interest.