PG-13 Toys BOX-A Weapon Equipment Storage Box





Looks like these may be a reissue of the older GoGoGo branded ones.


I like the option with the patches applied to the lid. Any information about the dimensions? Would it fit a SCAR-H?


I didn’t see any dimensions for this one, but I’m assuming they reused the tooling from the GoGoGo version so I’d take a look at those dimensions.


they are interesting these little boxes …


Also looks like a kit storage box version of the older ZyToys rifle cases.

Tempted to get a few for gear.


Like to see them make more of these sooner rather than later.


Here is one with an ES SCAR-H for comparison.


I hope these get picked up by a distributor for international sales. Each one is about half a pound packaged so easiest if you can grab these from somewhere geographically closer as they aren’t especially cheap to ship international relative to their price. They come packaged in a small cardboard box but there isn’t much protection as it is a tight fit without any foam padding and the box is typical recycled softer cardboard. I’d probably get the outer box bubblewrapped or double box it for shipping as I could see the hinges taking a hit in shipping as they stick out at the back

They are much better than what I expected. Plastic has a good feel and they seem solid. Wall thickness is pretty decent so they aren’t flimsy at all. The front clasps don’t buckle shut but that is one less thing to go wrong. The black is more like a dark grey, green is the nicer finish.


Thanks for the suggestion Adam, I’m hoping some of the regular dealers are able to score some, but what about maybe putting together an order on our own? Say a case of 20 to start? I mean if they go for around $10-$11 a piece, I am sure we could get enough buyers to offset the cost of shipping, and then we only need deal with the shipping costs domestically.


The air freight costs would be an issue with a larger order. Due to the size they would end up getting charged at volumetric weights with most carriers rather than actual weight which would inflate the shipping price quite high due to the comparatively low unit count. At that point it would be cheaper to order them in 1’s and 2’s.

It’s one of the reasons you often see the domestic distributors not bringing in some of the lower priced boxed accessories or they end up being sold at as much as a 30-50% premium if air freighted. It’s a catch 22 where you need to high a minimum cubing to ship by sea which can mean a lot of units and if you want less units the air freight can be a deal breaker. Usually stuff like this would get rolled in with multiple other releases than shipped via sea, which is why you sometimes see stuff arriving 3-6 months after release.


Wow that sucks [re:freight costs]… :disappointed: Thanks for the info though, very interesting.