Pilot/Astronaut&other Suites&Gear

Hey everybody!

I am currently looking for modern fighter Jet-Pilot gear, Astronauts (especially the orange Advance Crew Escape System Pressure Suit, haven´t seen this anywhere around…) and other Suites with Helmets and (Gas)masks for my new builds :slight_smile:

What i currently found:

Astronauts and Space:

  • The new Astronauts from Apollo 11 Mission from DID (very expensive but good looking…but i am not sure about the face sculpts…they look a bit off?)
  • The SR-71 Test-Pilots from DamToys (looking very nice!!)
  • U2 Dragon Lady Testpilot

Here i found many many Brands and Pilot-Version…just to be sure, any advice what i SHOULDN´T EVEN CONSIDER BUYING?

Different Suits:
DamToys US Navy Commanding Officer and Mountain Warfare Soldier, this Suit looks really good in combination with the Gasmask & Oxygen-Gear, etc…

Any more recommendations are very welcome, thx alot :slight_smile:

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