Pistol help

I have been thinking a lot about my current tier 1bashes, and their pistols. My intention for the DEVGRU bashes been to have half of them use HK45CTs and the other half P226Rs, while half of the CAG ones would use G17s and the other half G19s. All of which would be stored in 6354DO holsters from the DAM 78072 figure. However I have only been able to source 6 of the 12 6354 holsters that I need. I had hoped that the ones from the recent E&S SMU figures would provide for the CAG bashes, however those proved unable to fit light-bearing pistols. This leaves me with three options as I see it. 1, wait for more of the DAM holsters, 2, wait for E&S to make a light bearing version of their holsters, or 3, make my own Kydex holsters for the DEVGRU bashes. What materials would I need to make such holsters, and how could I attach them to belt loops?, and what should I do in general?

I should also mention that of the DAM holsters that I have, I have sanded down the interior portion of two of them in order to better fit HK45s and p22rs. What can I do to restore them to a state that would let them accept glocks? Additionally, is there a way that I can replace their Multicam wraps with Multicam black ones?