PKP Pecheneg Bullpup


Now that is cool looking.

I don’t think they’ll do it, but it would be nice to see DAM tackle this as they can reuse a good chunk of their existing 3d models.

That thing looks like a monster. Must be next to impossible to accurately fire it from the hip, and the ergonomics of the bullpup make it look additionally difficult to fire even while prone.

I find it interesting to see how they handle the PKP in either form. Some of those guys can just sling them around handily. The video below with the guy using the bullpup is an interesting grip I hadn’t see before, using the carrying handle to combat rise. It works out to 11 inches shorter which would come in handy.

Those live fire drills are awesome. Seems like a very controllable weapon in the hands of experienced operators as well.

It’s just such a heavy calibre to fire handheld. Do they produce a 5.45mm variant, or do all PKPs use the same heavy 7.62mm round?

All PKs are 7.62. The program to find a 5.45 lmg seems to have settled with the Kord 5.45

Damn that looks cool. I just love the look of Russian weapons.

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