Plate carrier questions

Hey community, I’ve got a question for anybody in the know. What type of plate carriers do Dutch troops equip with, particularly in the Afghan theatre?

It looks like they still use a type of frag vest (with plate inserts), like we do in Canada. It’s in DPM (British camo) and has MOLLE on it.


Older pictures (hard to tell exactly when from) show a DPM-pattern MOLLE vest system worn over the frag vest:

Newer pics, however, show a variety of different systems in use: either a) chest rigs worn over the DPM vest or b) MOLLE plate carriers worn standalone. The most popular chest rig option looks to be (from my brief research) the Tasmanian Tiger MK2 chest rig, produced by DAM for their FSB Alpha Spetsnaz.



Thanks a lot, as well as for the pics, I was having a devil of a time looking into this topic.

No worries, I have a couple pics saved up. The only real option I can think of for the frag vest would be a DML or HT British army vest in DPM. They look different and have no MOLLE but if worn under a chest rig you won’t notice the difference.

Not sure about the C7s/C8s 1/6th-wise.

Would the receiver/stock/grip section of the recently released E&S L119 British rifle set fit a Diemaco C8 family rifle?

Not sure on that one, but it looks like it’ll work. Sight would be an Aimpoint COMPM4 I think. Not sure about the stock, or the fore-end. The fore-end looks like a lengthened version of the C8IUR from the Lone Rescuer set, with tan colouring.

If you don’t want to build your own weapon, then I’d suggest using an FN Minimi (the DAM variant should work fine) or whatever DMR they use, maybe an HK417? Not really sure.

Current C-7 iteration:

Older C-8 iteration:

Older C-7 iteration (just use an M16 with a waffle mag)

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Stock is CAA CBS from the DAM 78058 SOBR


Correct they use a slightly different version of the IUR in the short and long lengths that were part of the upgrade package for their existing C7 and C8 inventory. The side “doors” allow for a standard barrel nut configuration rather than the IUR specific barrel nut which requires a much much longer Colt Canada wrench specific to that barrel nut. Lancer L5 magazines are commonly seen as well. Aimpoint COMPM4 and aimpoint magnifier for optics, B&T grip or an AFG2.



Super jealous, our C7s still have M16-style fore-ends. Thanks for the pics Adam.