Plate carrier time frame question

After seeing the recent delta bashes on here (which were amazing) I was wondering what plate carrier devgru would have been in around early 2002 like shahikot time frame, was it the ciras mar or rbav?

Neither. CIRAS and RBAV were from a bit later, I think. I would lean towards an MBSS plate carrier

Hey! That’s a good question. I have some old PCs lying around that will have to be used up, one day and could use some help in dating them.
So, MBSS goes a long way back, apparently. When did it come into use and until when? There are some rather recent figures out there form the era post 2010 featuring an MBSS, namely the DAM SEAL Decade figure and the NSW in A’Stan Expo Exclusive. Was MBSS still in use by then?
When did CIRAS and RBV come into use and when were they kind of sorted out?
Any information is deeply appreciated!

Regarding the MBSS, I don’t know when its use started (very early 2000s at a guess?). For the vanilla SEAL teams and NSWDG, I think it was phased out in the late 2000s and replaced with the LBT 6094. Could be WAY off on this one. Note also that DEV has been using chest rigs over slick plate carriers throughout this whole time period, as well - usually LBT products. On the topic of the DAM anniversary SEAL figure: when wearing DCU kit, the MBSS usage is correct. When in AOR1, I think an LBT 6094 would be more accurate.

Regarding the CIRAS (and CIRAS Maritime), I wanna say 2003ish + for both Army SF and vanilla SEALs. Don’t know if DEV ever used this - I think they stayed with the MBSS and other options, from what I’ve seen. Again, these are mostly guesses.

Finally, the RBAV - an improvement over the older CIRAS system. I am mostly certain that this system was only ever used by Army, Marine and perhaps AF SOF - not NSW.

It’s been my understanding (according to Mark Owen at least) that, for much of the 2000s, DEV was responsible for missions in Afghanistan and CAG for Iraq. In Afghanistan, there was a lot of long-range, high-altitude movement on foot; in Iraq, lots of “SWAT-type” missions involving driving (or flying) to the X and assaulting heavily fortified buildings. As a result, you’ll see imagery from this time period of DEV in light, streamlined kits that prioritize mobility over protection (MBSS, chest rig kits, etc) and CAG in heavier kits that prioritize protection over speed (RAV with groin protection).

Hope this helps, and please feel free to correct me on any of this.

EDIT - see Oso’s comment.

MBSS PC used by NSW 2002/03 - 2007/08
CIRAS BAV as part of the MLCS used by NSW 2003/04 - ca. 2009/10 replaced by PCs from LBT and Eagle

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Perfect! Thanks Oso.

@Canuck, @oso2013: Thank you for enlightening me! Good point concerning the different type of ops for DEVGRU and CAG and the corresponding difference in kit. I know that DEVGRU used a lot of rigs over slick carriers and try to build my “ZDT” period operators around that with some exceptions where LBT carriers with the 5,56mm front panels or the MP7 panels are used. That would probably be more appropriate or logical for DA type missions or assaulters, I guess.

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While we’re at it, i have two more questions:
First: when was the Crye CAGE introduced? To which units? Apparently CAG used it. What about DEVGRU? There are some 1/6 NSWDG/DEVGRU figures out there with a CPC, namely the Soldier Story “ZDT” Team Leader and the E&S SMU urban operator. Is it a feasible choice for a UBL raid figure? Is the CPC still in use, or would it rather be JPC or AVS, today?
Second - for older figures: was it common to wear a PACA LVC underneath the MBSS? For some extra protection because of the limited coverage od the MBSS?

Devgru did use the cpc, and the cpc is accurate for a Neptune spear bash but I don’t believe they do anymore since the avs is an improved design, I don’t know when they began using it though, I’d imagine 2010 or 2011 and it got phased out when the avs became available

Just outta curiosity, does anyone remember a site that had pics and data about body armor, LBEs, and such? I thought it was “Gear House”, or something like that. Possibly, I might have a link on one of my old hard drives.

I believe it’s reptile house

@Woody: Thanks for your information! It’s helpful for my planned “ZDT” priod DEVGRU Team bashes.