Please ID this SpecterDR Scope

Hello to all,

does anyone know from which Manufacture or Figure this scope is? This is the only one i have with this Design. I think it is a Elcan SpecterOS4x Optical Sight. But i have no idea where it was included.

That should be the DAM Elcan included with the British Army in Afghanistan figure (78033), albeit missing the top-mounted mini red dot.

I just checked my L85 w/ UGL from that release and the optic is an exact match.

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Thank you so much! :+1: Looks exactly the same. I had never thought that this British Figure would be the winner. This kind of Micro Reddot is in my stash too. So it is complete. The search has an end :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Glad I could help!

This is the Elcan Specter model with the fixed 4x magnification. The more common model (in 1:6 at least) is the variable power magnification one with the lever to shift between 1x and 4x. The lack of the lever is a major tell. GWG also did this optic with their duo of British operators, but the markings are different.

I believe the Brits went with the fixed-magnification model as it is cheaper and less complex?

Yes you helped a lot :slightly_smiling_face:.
The Version with the variable magnification was made by many manufactures. I have some from SS, Crazy Dummy etc. but only this one with that fixed magnification.
In reality the more common Version has also a higher price tag. The fixed 4x magnification Version is an alternative to the Acog and cheaper. So the british does not need the variable magnification and this saves weight and money for them.

It seems, according to some US military matters media, that the variable magnification lever repeted use makes the sight loose zeroing when amplified to 4x (due to the misalignment of the lens). That could be the reason why the Brits chose the fixed 4x magnification Specter with a British made Shield Sights reflex red dot added on the top.

Correct, the 1-4x are quite costly and the mount is another bit to go wrong in the field. The ACOGs were only a stopgap solution as part of the “Afghan” spec upgrade to the L85’s with the Daniel Defense rail kit. They had a whole future soldier style program that the LDS was part of some years ago.

A friend of mine, who lugged a number of weapons around on various deployments, as well as trying other team weapons, didn’t care much for the mini sight atop the main optic. he said they got knocked off too easily (which might go to “playing hard”, and entering and exiting various conveyances).