PMC | High Threat Security Operator


Outstanding bash, love all of the details!

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AMAZING! Holy cow, this is one of the best bashes I have seen in a while! Good job Wally!

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I fully agree, this is one absolutely outstanding bash!

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Excellent bashed figure. :+1:

Which brand is the HK45? I am assuming that’s the DAM Toys silencer on it?

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Thank you all for the comments. One of my first kitbashes and definitely my favorite out of the 25+ figures in my collection.

Thank you. On point with the suppressor, from dam’s vector set. The pistol is easy&simple from the range day shooter set.

Where did you get those trousers? It’s just exactly what I need to do my Jason Hays SEAL Team bash, with AOR combat shirt…

Super bash there Wally!

My guess would be the E&S World War Z set. Toys City did them as well, with greener kneepads, but that was a long time ago.

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This one is from the 26021T Figure set.


Cool Figure Wally. Great selection of weapons and gear. I love this HK45 with that silencer.

Thank you much, definitely one of my favorites.

Was in fact the World War Z set, good eye

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What brand is the pistol and suppressor from?

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HK45 is from E&S (The Range day shooter gear set) , Silencer from dam’s vector set.

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I thought that little bit of weathering looked familiar. :blush:

The figure looks amazing… keep up the good work!

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