Polish Grom figure with Medal of Honor license?

I remember this discussion on OSW where someone asked for what people would like DAM to do next for their figures and quite some voted for Polish Grom.
Considering that Soldier Story aquired the Medal of Honor license and having this pic down below, maybe they will go for the GROM

Also a Canadian for you @AdamC :wink:


Here is a link for a poll that was initiated in 2015. Doesn’t look good for the GROM. On OSW however people liked it a lot. Probably Chinese think differently.


I would absolutely love to see a GROM operator. Voted for that in the thread at OSW in fact.

It doesn’t make sense to me that nobody has done a Grom figure yet. They are prominent in the subject matter and would be relatively straight forward to do. I can see the hesitation in a Canadian figure as it is a smaller market with potentially unique camo patterns to be addressed, but hopefully we’ll see something come out. It is a shame that Soldier Story hasn’t made more use of that license as they could easily do 3-4 figures that would have reasonable demand. Hopefully the recent LEO figure announcements will spur them on to increase their output.

What figure are you talking about?

The already announced NYPD ESU figures.

Would you have pics or a link? I can’t find any on the internet.

These two here. You may recall seeing them in previews from previous shows. I don’t think I posted about them on the blog, it has been a busy last few months.

These two you posted on here with full gear list and all pictures.
Maybe it was a misunderstanding, but you said LEO Toys previewed a new figure? I only know their ASU 1.0.

LEO = law enforcement officer. Now I see the confusion as I remember that brand name.

I see. I was always thinking of this brand all the time. Therefore the confusion.

I would definitely appreciate SS to speed it up.