Polish SOF

Here’s a collection of Polish SOF types (GROM, etc). I’m not up on the nuances of the various units, hope it’s helpful and please let me know if any are mis-ID’ed. I think some may be national police.
Some trends I’ve noticed: JPCs and Multicam like everyone else, but the HK416s tend to be kind of “stock” looking and often feature original HK stocks (although that may be changing). ATACs is used sometimes. JPC knockoffs are also common. On the PCs, “Fastmags” are common but the load is generally pretty slick. Goggles and cool patches are common.


Hey guys! One of the pics (22) shows a polish operator next to an operator in AOR2 with an AOR1 JPC. Any hints, what unit THAT guy is from. SEAL? DEVGRU? I am working on a figure in AOR2 and got some Inspiration from that pic, all the parts are in my loose parts box, anyway… Thanks for any insights or information!

He carries a Mk18 Mod 1 as primary weapon. So I think he’s from a Vanilla SEAL Team, not DEVGRU.
By the way, that’s not a JPC. It looks more like some kind of old generation LBT-6094 plate carrier.

Agreed, probably a Team guy (not DEVGRU). Although I’m getting some airsofty vibes now that I’m seeing that picture again… who knows.

One source says: Execise Flaming Sword 2013. :thinking:

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Thanks for your help. Right, I mistook the plate carrier. That old LBT is around, too, so I’ll use that.
Do DEVGRU use JPC? Or vanilla SEALs? I have the AOR1 JPC from the E&S Recce Sniper and have to put that to use somewhere…

They could be French or Dutch as well. For someone like me, the loadout looks like almost the same. Without patches, only the camo might tell you the origin of the forces.

Everyone uses the JPC now - for what you’ve got, I’d lean towards DEVGRU since it’s AOR1. I’ve only seen vanilla SEALs in MC and AOR2 JPCs, but you never know.

Agreed, it’s hard to tell. (The pic of the operator with the tan HK416A5 is actually French, I’m now realizing). Nowadays, the differences truly are in the details.

With Polish SOF, there are a couple giveaways:

  • Goggles
  • Belt setups (lots of ITW Fastmag products)
  • Long 416s
  • Knock-off JPCs

With the Dutch, it’s…

  • Tyr PCs
  • Team Wendy helmets
  • Juggernaut phone cases on front of PC
  • GEN 4 Crye fatigues

With the French, it’s even harder to tell. They’re becoming increasingly “American” looking.

Thanks for the hint, Cannuck! So I guess I’ll do my favorite unit and bash a DEVGRU in AOR2 unifotm and AOR1 plate carrier etc.!

I wonder if the omnipresence of Multicam is a blessing or a curse… One the one hand, since literally all SOF inits look so similar, nowadays, you can bash more or less any unit with a MC uni and a limited variety of vests/ plate carriers and pouches. On the other hand, it’s so boringly generic.
Seems like there would be more need for some of the more exotic weapons, like a FN FiveSeveN for Belgion SFG or a Steyr AUG for Austrian Jagdkommando. The rest would be Multicam for them too.
I am beginning to understand why people are so down on Russian figures, they offer all kinds of camo and seem to be more colorful, somehow.

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Re: Russians: not any more! They’re all wearing Multicam too… the highspeed, non regional units at least like FSB/SSO. H

Oh, darn… I was thinking of DAM’s current line of Russians in all kinds of camo. I know FSB is going down the MC road. Is DAM’s SSO figure in ATACS already outdated, then?
Personally, I will just keep filling my shelves with SEALS/DEVGRU in AOR1, at least as long as it last…

Would the Tyr PC be the one that came with the DAM DEA figure?

Yeah, I believe so MQ.

No, the SSO in ATACS is correct. There are still a good number of SOF units in Russia that wear different patterns but, in general, FSB is in Multicam these days. Many of DAM’s latest Russians are either a) SOBR units that wear all kinds of camo, or b) older FSB subjects. I should have clarified that not all Russians wear MC… yet.

It seems that the more “high speed” a unit is, the more likely they are to wear MC. It’s interesting that you mentioned DEVGRU, since that unit seems to be wearing more and more MC these days.

I know that DEVGRU seems to be switching to MC, Ytoo. That’s exactly why I was saying I’ll be collecting AOR1 figures, as long as it lasts. For me, AOR1 is just archetypical for SEALs/DEVGRU - the classic Neptune Spear look, that will probably be history in the near future…

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