Post-Trials Glock 9mm pistols - G45

While recently talking guns with a buddy of mine, he mentioned that the G45 pistol was reported as being carried by a number of military operators (their personal choice).
The SIG SAUER entries have been chosen, for the Army XM17 and (compact) XM18 replacements for the M9 pistol.

The Glock 19X, representing their entry, has been available commercially, and has been followed on by the G45. Both feature G19 compact type slides, atop G17 (standard 17 round magazine) type lowers. The G45 is in standard finish, and includes serrations on the front sides of the slide.
I’ve handled the G45, and hope to get a chance to shoot one, at a local range’s upcoming “Glock Days”, this weekend.

I own a G19 Gen 5, and it’s a decent firearm. I wish it had the front serrations on the slide, and there are after-market slides which do. With it’s shorter slide and grip, it is a bit more concealable than the 19X and G45, and comes with 15 round magazines.

Glocks are often a matter of acquired taste, and as a life-long 1911A1 and large-bore revolver shooter, I got my first Glock on the advice of a trusted friend. They function well, and are sufficiently accurate, out of the case.

In the 1:6 world, Glocks are fairly well represented, in various degrees of detail. A bit of “plastic surgery” and painting can yield 19Xs and G45s, and offer some introductory scale gunsmithing experience.

No experience in shooting, but the G45 looks interesting. Especially the serrations make it unique. Is there any other purpose than better grip?
Got tired of G17s in 1/6. I have to admit though that I never heard of a G45 before.

The range didn’t have a “range gun” G45 to shoot, but I ended up buying a new one there. I just picked it up this morning, and ran about 50 rounds through it, before heading to the dentist. Nice trigger pull, as advertised, and the recoil was manageable, maybe a bit better than the G19 (due to longer grip and 17 round magazines?) I still have to be mindful of the narrow Glock trigger, which is very different from 1911A1s, and S&W revolvers.

The forward serrations offer an easier grip, to check the chamber. The slide pull can be a bit stiff at times, due I think, to a strong recoil spring. This is one of Glock’s newer releases, as they continue to offer variations on their earlier standards. I’m guessing that is perhaps driven by the modular designs, and modifications done by various shops and individuals.