Private Military Contractor - Iraq


Old Bash, new shots.


This is a great PMC. I usually don’t like military, but this could be straight out of a box. Also nice colors and attachments on the rifle.


very nice bash and right up my ally i enjoy irregular looks of PMCs and special forces
where is that head sculpt from


Thanks! I acquired the head sculpt years ago back when Punch Customs was “Red Planet Toys”. You can still find it on there; Head sculpt is called “King”. I then had it painted by one of the guys over at sideshow freaks.


A very clean and solid figure. I have always wanted to make a bash like this but I have yet to sit down and plan one out. Very cool overall.


wondered where red planet went wow they still have a few of the old head sculpts i liked


Love the head sculpt on your contractor, where is it from if you don’t mind me asking. Did you use a BBI 2.5 body for this figure?