PRO FORCE TOYS PTU Police Tactical Unit Hong Kong - Guardian

PRO FORCE TOYS The first 1/6 doll “Guardian”

Recently exposed, the most concerned: PTU (Police Tactical Unit)
With the support of current staff and equipment suppliers, the most realistic data reference production is obtained.
Fully show: professional, not afraid, not selfish, guarding the team spirit of the home.

1: The mobile unit often uniforms the beret summer jacket (Sheriff’s shoulder)
Action beamed trousers belt boots

2: The mobile unit is equipped with the Smith Wissen military-type revolver, the rifle quick-up rifle, the telescopic baton, the set of pepper spray, the flashlight, the set of communicators, the set of water rafts, and the sundries bag x2. Hand buckle, spoon, pen universal buckle x2

3: Anti-riot equipment riot helmet protection half finger gloves riot armor gas mask bag large capacity 楜 pepper spray, leg sets tear gas x2, bag low lethal shotgun long shield fast cable x3
M870 shotgun

4: Personal and special parts of real head sunglasses, watch winter tops (senior inspector badge), brand-name black tie chicken rope

Not that only “good guy” figures are collected, but this guy reminds me too much of “supervisors” during last summer, in HK. Bad cops, in my estimation.

Now, that looks like a full-out Chinese propaganda product, if I’ve ever seen one… Seems in line with the output of masses of PLA figures. I wonder if there is much of a market for this outside of mainland China. “Protector of the team spirit of home” - for the people in Hongkong who are fighting for their civil freedoms and basic human rights, this must look like a very, very bad joke - their police hasn’t really been “Officer Friendly” during last year’s protests!

HK citizens hacked into the police network and are shaming police officers in public by leaking their data. I guess that underlines how the HK police is handling matters and what the citizens are thinking about that.