problem with E&S ranger recce gear

has anyone had a problem with the chest rig from the ranger set not having enough length of webbing to go around the figure and secure to the other buckle
i bought three sets to work up some ODA guys

I had the same problems. I have used an Soldier Story Body and the strap is far to short. I could it close but just without any space left over and with no Uniform and the radio pouches empty. With this Body it is impossible to make it work. I will try it on an E&S body or DiD one. DiD has a smaller chest. So this is a big Problem…Hete are some photos from my try:

Looking at it the included webbing strap is really quite short. It’s a stretch to the max even with the ES body so a body swap isn’t going to really fix it. The webbing is a pass through design to the buckles and a standard 3mm sizing so you should just be able to swap out with some standard 3mm nylon webbing of your choice. As far as bodies closest to the original ES body, I’d recommend the DAM narrow shoulder body as it is nearly identical sizing, but personally i’d just swap out the webbing with some green and use a body of personal preference.

I will change the strap like you said. Thank you for that advise. I like the Dam and Soldier Story bodies and so it is an easy fix. It seems like this is the only way to fix that problem. It is a shame that E&S produce such webbing which does not fit. They have this vest and webbing already released with the MARSOC Sniper Figure. I can not remember to read something about this problem by this Figure.

i wound up using a black webbing that had already and fixed it that way the pouch is also a pain to attach to the rig as well not enough webbing slots

thanks for the pics i am also using an old SS body to do the bash

I usually find the problem with ES pouches is they use doubled up nylon webbing for the straps so it is quite thick which can make things a bit of a pain for areas like the side cummerbunds where you only have a few attachment points and the camo printed fabric is a bit stiffer. I hope this year they move towards using single strap webbing like the other brands.

I try to keep some webbing on hand for things like this as it makes converting female chest rigs to male chest rigs possible. Often times the chest rigs are large enough to use with a male figure, other than the webbing straps needing to be replaced for longer sections.

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where do you get the webbing from Adam

Ace has been clearing out their old supplies and materials via their ebay stores. If you search for 3mm webbing strap you’ll find their listings

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