Programs I find useful for images


For those taking photos or just uploading/sharing photos, here are some programs I have found useful. These are all PC based programs.

GIMP: This is a free image editor, often used as an alternative to purchasing Adobe Photoshop.

Shrink O’Matic: This program makes batch resizing and compressing images a simple drag and drop affair. I recommend installing this version and it requires Adobe Air to be installed in order to be able to install the .air file. Once downloaded and with Adobe Air installed you can right click the .air file and choose install in the pop up menu.

RIOT: This is an alternative to Shrink O’Matic and provides the same features.


Having Problems Uploading Images?

Thanks for the information



Yes, thanks for the bunch ‘o’ goodies, Adam.



Works great. Uploading pics is also faster now while I am doing a review!



That’ll definitely help as you previous photos were up to a few mb each which can take a while when you have many photos. The new ones are much smaller while still giving plenty of detail.

Another handy program I sometimes use for other work is Advanced Renamer. Often when you download images from other sites or use batch download programs to grab images from a particular page or album you get strange filenames or they add extra characters to the filename that can ruin sorting. It has lots of useful rename functions, including the New Name method which can for example change the file name to use the name of the folder and apply an incremental number so pic_001.jpg becomes Soldier Story XYZReleasename01.jpg. If you need to rename a file by removing certain characters.It is a little more technical but if you want to organize things in a particular way it can save lots of time as renaming files one at a time can get really tiring.



Reviews now are much faster, just had temp. problems as the upload function was a bit unstable yesterday around 10-11pm and some pics kept being rejected and an error message popped up (GMT +1)

I keep this in mind. Might become helpful in the future.