Projects I'm working on.


Heres a little something I’m working on. Thinking about making him into a CIA paramilitary operative. Still in the early stages.


Like the SS085 weapons. Both well executed!


I would like to see a DEA in full gear for special operations. Did you plan doing one? :smiley:


No plans for a DEA figure. It would be cool to see though. Toys City did put out a rather nice set awhile ago, I think we’re due for another. DAM would definitely be my first choice for the company to make it. They are killing it. Their FBI figs are all quite nice.


Looks real good, Casual Fridays kind of vibe. That light shirt would lend itself to some good sweat-staining.


For sure, although I did have another casual outfit in mind.


Now you’ll need to find some ways to store MP7 mags. Limited choices there. Minitimes thankfully recently did a MC Taco option, then there are the Soldier Story and Sideshow drop legs.


The DAM 78034 SDU also has a triple drop leg and you might try, if you can find it, the Very Hot Secret Service P90 mag drop leg.
Maybe the future DAM KRISS VECTOR sets will do as well with their vests?


All very good options. Thanks for the input fellas. :+1:


He could also be an old school guy, with spare mages in his cargo pocket(s), or a GP bag.


It’s funny how the fanny pack of the 80’s gets widely mocked in culture and yet there are countless tactical variants.


Looks great so far, and from what little I’ve seen in terms of photos of global response staff, you’ve got the right camo too.


Monday night bash. :upside_down_face:


Looks great S_G. No matter how many I see I still love looking at a nice SEAL/DEVGRU bash.


A quick snap while updating some projects.


Nice picture. Slick looking SEAL.


Plan is set in motion. Stay tuned…


I like this headsculpt much better, than the one you started this thread with. Still the same project with MP7?


Yes, this new one definitely grew on me. They are two separate projects.


Nice! Very, very nice…