Pure Arts Ghost Recon Breakpoint Cole D Walker

Parts List:

Cole D. Walker figure
8 Pieces of interchangeable hands
Pair of fists
Pair of pistol holding hands
Pair of rifle holding hangs
Pair of knife holding hands
Specially tailored Wolves suit
Pair of boots
Marksman Rifle - Massoud 308 ‘Sharp Thunder’
Handgun Customized Revolver
Bush Knife
Ghost Recon Breakpoint themed figure stand with Nomad nameplate


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Thanks for posting these, this looks so awesome. How is Pure Arts as a brand? If they are decent this is a purchase for sure!

No idea, this is the first time I have seen their product. They seem to have been more active in the statue end of the market with some nice looking products.

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again a cool looking figure. Not seen Play Arts in 1/6 world before, but look promising.

Cheers Adam! I’ll wait for some of the reviews then.