Pure Arts Ghost Recon Breakpoint Nomad

Parts List:

Nomad figure
8 Pieces of interchangeable hands
Pair of fists
Pair of pistol holding hands
Pair of rifle holding hangs
Pair of knife/grenade holding hands
Specially tailored and damaged Ghost suit with backpack
Pair of boots
Assault Rifle 516
Handgun P320
Knife Kabar
Ghost Recon Breakpoint themed figure stand with Nomad nameplate


@Axi_Run This should be one for you.

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This is pretty cool.

Looks nice. My one complaint (and this goes for the game itself) is that the character design is essentially a hodge-podge showcase of 5.11’s products and so the characters end up looking a bit silly IMO.

Curious about how the 516 will turn out. What’s the OEM of this company?

Interesting implementation from the Game. I have GR wildlands and it is a lot of fun. Like Canuck said my negative remarks are the 5.11’s products too. A Crye plate carrier would be better.

For the game you get a JPC vest with Season Pass 2 but i do not pay 30€ extra to get it. And i do not need the other stuff like the Splinter cell equipment. The HK416 is worth the money. It is a beast in this game :wink:

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It’a a pass for me, nothing special sadly.

Hard to tell given the existing photographs but I would expect something that is more in line with the Hot Toys or movie versions of figures rather than a military figure level.

If you haven’t tried Breakpoint it’s an improvement over Wildlands. At least on the PC Wildlands looks quite aged in comparison. 5.11 is still there but you also have Crye represented with the AVS and JPC along with a few other brands. They have done a better job with weapon selection than gear.

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wow! Nice looking figure. Even the nude would work for me, as could use those blood soaked arms etc for few other bashes. Nice

I’m just going to come back from holidays, when I saw that.

THX for sharing @AdamC.

It’s a beautiful piece.

I like the details.

I will post my last video on it, soon.