Question regarding a kitbash in progress

After reading the article suggested by CenTexGunfighter & others on Chief Shannon Kent, I want to kitbash a figure based on this hero.

The uniform will be pretty straightforward, as I have seen several pictures of her wearing both Multicam & AOR-1. I prefer the former & intend to use the Fire Girl FG-015 “Shooter” one. My biggest concern is her tactical gear, as I cannot place the vest she is wearing in this picture:

Can anyone help me identifying this vest? BTW, finding that NY Yankees cap may be a bit difficult too…

Cap with NY Logo i know from MC Toys in woodland. Also ebay has some caps with NY Logo. Perhaps Adam has a Cap with that Logo.

Body Armor could be CIRAS or she is wearing a vest. Difficult to say.

I’d agree about the CIRAS, one problem though is that most 1/6th CIRAS vests are WAY too big even for male figures. I think a PC like a LBT 6094 or an MBAV may be a suitable choice as well.

I think about the Soldier Story CIRAS from the EODMU-11 Figure. It could be looking really worse on an Female Figure Body. Like “she” is wearing an big
potato sack :smile:

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I’ve seen at least one picture of Chief Kent wearing a tan CIRAS vest. It fit her well, so it was obviously female sized.

From having tried other CIRAS-type vests on my female figures I can tell you that those made for male figures do not fit female ones at all.

I think, like Canuck suggested, a plate carrier like the LBT 6094 or MBAV may be the better way to go. It would be nice to find a picture of her loadout, but I haven’t seen one yet.

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