rainy day weapon repaint

Rainy day yesterday down here in Texas ,so i decided to tackle a weapon repaint ive wanted to do.
It started life as a flagset marsoc Larue with DD rail, it was to shiny and the paint was way to thick(not much i could do about that) i decided it needed a EOTECH , only came with the thermal scope.
The first pic is before i started the next few pics are as i progressed
I used Vallejo flat earth for the EOTECH cover and rail then added weathering using dragon model weathering compounds. finished it off with a matte coat
thanks for looking
here i had already started painting the but stock it was all one color


Looks good. The weathering makes it look much better. It no longer looks like a clean toy gun.

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A little weathering goes a long way. Huge improvement over the stock weapon!

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thanks guys i like taking old guns and making them new again takes me back to my fine scale modeling days doing 1/35th