RCMP ERT vests

Hey community, I’ve just started bashing a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Emergency Response Team figure, and am curious if anybody knows what types of body armor are used by this unit. Looking at pictures of various teams, I’ve noticed a pretty wide variety of vests and carriers in use, but am not personally well acquainted with the specific models.

A variety of Tyr Tactical models seem to be in use:

EPIC Low Vis




Back in the day, John Mar (1B4 on old OSW) had been withe RCMP. He probably would have had some input, but he dropped out of the madness.

Many thanks for the photos! Correct me if I’m wrong but the only available Tyr PC in 1/6 is the vest from the DEA SRT figure, correct?

Easy Simple also has done one in their previous RPIMA figure.

The only existing Tyr vests are in Multicam, right? If you want something in the correct colour, I might recommend trying the Lindnerhoff plate carrier that came with the DAM KSK leader. It’s not a perfect match, but you may be able to mod it correctly (or at least to an extent where the differences are obscured by pouches).

Does anybody know what model either of these two circled vests is?