Realistic Shemagh

How does one get the Shemagh Scarfs to wrap in a realistic manner. I had thought that running it through the wash several times would take the stiffness out of it but it did not and I cannot think of any other ways.

Thanks for the help.

Make it wet, wrap around head and shape it like you want. After drying at the body / head it should look naturally. Otwerwise you could use a wire to make a realitic shape.

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I never liked shemagh but some releases have very thin fabric and it’s cut in half so I think cutting it in half would really help. It won’t bunch as much and you get extra shemagh for another figure.

I got this guide years ago, cannot remember which forum/site. Its been my go to guide. Other fellas points spot on - some material can be thick - sods law always the one U want to use - best to wet it or if U can choose a thin fabric.

Hope it helps