Regarding phicen body compatibility

During my short time in this hobby, I have heard tell of a brand of body that is considered the “holy grail” of 1/6 scale bodies. However, I have seen few military bashes that use them. As the title states, I wish to know how compatible they are with parts from other brands like DAM, E&S, SS, etc. Namely, clothing, hands, footwear, and headsculpts.

Not really useful for military kitbashes in my opinion. The seamless bodies will all fail and start tearing at some point (especially with prolonged poses) and the Phicen/TBL stain like any other seamless body. With the muscular variants you may run into fitment issues with clothing, especially Easy Simple which is tailored a bit slimmer than DAM or Soldier Story. The heads are setup for Hot Toys neg peck sizing standard and are not out of the box ready for the military brands as each brand uses their own standard for peg sizing and peg length. You can use something like blu-tac or try changing the inner head sleeve but may end up with the head sitting too low or high. The wrist pegs can’t be swapped and mount using a flimsy design that you have to be really careful with or you’ll end up cutting the forearm open to fix it. Footwear should be fine as long you use non-pegged designs.

They are quite useful as replacements for movie figures that were made with seamless bodies originally but unless you absolutely have to have a seamless body to recreate a specific look I wouldn’t be using one for a male military kitbash. I’ve yet to find a compelling body that merits changing out from a Soldier Story or DAM body.

Thanks for the reply! I ask because I’m planning to bash a sort of “spook” for my other operator bashes to be lead by. I wish to put him in a suit, with a muscular body, and a phicen body seemed best for that purpose. But in light of this, I might get a DAM body, with some foam tape for padding. that’ll give make things easier, and less expensive. Now the only hard part is finding an all black three piece suit.

I’d go for world box figures.

I do not have any phicen body because they are really expensive and how often you need such a body with exposed arms, legs etc. with no visible seams. If your Figures wear only bikini or just underwear with weapons the phicen bodys are a go for you :smile:. For normal kitbashes without long sleeve clothes i like the newer Soldier Story body with seamless arms or the one with textured skin but visible elbow joints. Not too bulky and to heavy Schwarzenegger muskles like the Dam oder DiD Version. The seamless one is from SS097 (SDU K-9) and the other one is from SS094 (MSOT Marine Raider).

This photos are from BBICN User Spitfire_GLto show the seamless arms from the Soldier Story body