Reload Action French Airborne Set?

Hi mates,

I know it may sound foolish after maybe ten or more years since it was released, and I don´t even know if in Armed Figures is not allowed this kind of questions (suggesting a purchase) but, Is there somewhere some fellow that has the Reload Action French Airborne Conversion Set he doesn´t need anymore and is willing to sell it for a fair price? Suggestions on where to start to search for it on the net could be wellcome too.

I have bough the book about French special forces “Les Forces Spéciales. La Task Force Sabre” and there are many pics of those operators wearing that pretty cammo. It would make a great kitbash.


Do you have any pictures? A quick Google search didn’t give me any…

You can read the site rules here. For older figures your best bet would be to check ebay or facebook buy/sell groups.