Removing patches from uniforms


I’m currently working on a YPJ (Kurdish female Women’s Protection Units) and found some reference pictures of them wearing a woodland camo uniform similar the one worn by the Hasbro GI Jane 82nd Airborne figure. The only issue is that the Hasbro uniform has a name tag, US Army chest patch and 82nd AA patch on the left shoulder. I tried removing them by using the tried and true fingernail scratch method, but no joy. Im afraid I’ll damage the uni if I try something harsher.

Is there a safe way to do this? Input will be most appreciated. Thanks!


I’m by no means an expert, and defer to literally anybody with more experience, but dabbing the sticker/patch with isopropyl soaked cue tips and then gently shaving them off with a razor blade often works, and usually doesn’t destroy the background camo pattern.


Sounds doable. I’m going to give it a try. Will let you all know how it goes.


i used a hair dryer once to remove some patches but the glue wasnt that old