Review CBI "MCK Gen2 w/ Glock G17" (Rogue Survivor Anna)

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I was quite curious how E&S would have executed this chassis, obtained one and it’s quite well done, in my opinion.

Paintjob is very solid on mine and I didn’t experience any chips or damages even when clicking the stock into place as shown later.

I opted to showcase this piece with an E&S G17 and G19 respectively, but the smaller G19 unfortunately won’t fit as explained later.

Both sides with the logos highlighted

Opened and closed charging handle

Muzzle and stock

The stock has a proper fit and won’t flip open accidently, but not too tight.

As mentioned above, the hook holds the stock into place, no paint damage, but rather don’t use this feature too many times to actually avoid any damage.

The mechanism is the important part here. Usually, my standard is quite high, but I still appreciate what they have done

On the top left hand corner, I highlighted the notch to accommodate the pistol’s rear iron sight, which results in an ejection port opening when pulling back the charging handle. See the image in the bottom right hand corner

The main image here shows the opened flap. It’s restricted by the black button, which can be seen more clearly in the second image and this makes inserting the pistol more difficult. I accidently managed to open it completely once, but it resulted in a scratching noise, possible destroying your details on the button. Parts that interfere with each other are marked (edge & button)

As mentioned in the beginning, the G19 won’t fit and I am pretty sure it’s due to the difference in iron sight positioning and probably even different dimensions at all (G19 on the right respectively)

Fully geared up with a DAM C-MORE sight.

As a side note, I didn’t try any other Glock brands, to avoid damages as scratches are quite easily achieved


Very nice review and some great shots. This is really a nice detailed Conversion kit for a Glock. Looks fantastic but i would prefer this kit in black. Do not know who uses this in the real world but would be perfect for any “The Division”, Strike Back" or Black Ops Figure.

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Nice, this is the only piece from that set that I really want. It kinda reminds me of MP9, hopefully E&S will release their version soon.

Thanks for sharing C.

I’ll be hunting for one, but current loose prices are a bit of a put-off. I can’t wait too long though.

As Col.Braddock mentioned, it would be great for any of those other alternately themed show or game figures.

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