Review DAM SOBR Lynx Operator PART 1

Item N°


  • 78059



  • Headsculpt
  • PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha Gloves x4


  • SSO Gorka-3 SPLAV Jacket
  • SSO Gorka-3 SPLAV Trousers
  • Spec.-Ops. Better BDU Belt (CAMO)
  • LOWA Zephyr GTX HI TF (BLK)


  • NII Stali LYNX (RYS-T) Helmet
  • Face Mask (BLK)

Vest and Pouches

  • NPP Klass Taktika
    • SRVV Butt Pack Z3T Tactical
    • HSGI Pistol TACO - MOLLE (BLK) X2
    • HSGI TACO - MOLLE Pouch x2
    • MOLLE Rifle Mag Pouch x3
    • SRVV Double Grenade Pouch GP-N-2
    • SRVV Pouch for 2 SMG Mags Universal
    • ROP Flare Pouch x2
  • SRVV Tactical Belt w/ SRVV Light Suspenders
    • SRVV Utility Pouch for Bottle
    • SRVV Radio Pouch RP-L
    • Dump Pouch (A-TACS FG)
    • SRVV Cargo Day Butt Pack 3L
    • SRVV Drop Leg Platform for Holsters
      • SRVV Holster Delta (Universal)
    • SRVV Drop Leg Platform (LH)
      • Pistol Silencer Pouch (BLK)
      • SRVV Vertical Utility Pouch

Tactical Gear

  • Combat Application Tourniquet
  • IRT Reflective Armband
  • BLACKHAWK! Advanced Tactical Knee Pads v.2
  • SUUNTO Vector Watch
  • D Screw-Lock Carabiner
  • Carabiner (BLUE)
  • Tri-Fold Restraints (YELLOW)
  • Static Climbing Rope
  • CMC Snaplight Safety Lightstick x2
  • ROP Flare (RED)
  • ROP Flare (GREEN)


  • Vertex Standard VX 920 Series Radio (CAMO)
    • Amplify Nexus U94 PTT (CAMO)


  • Izhmash PP-19-01 Vityaz (Ижмаш ПП-19-01 «Витязь») :ru:
  • Tula Arms Plant AS Val (АС Вал) (CAMO) :ru:
    • AS Val Mag 9×39mm (20rd) (CAMO)
    • AS Val Mag 9×39mm (20rd) (BLK) x2
    • AS Val Mag 9×39mm (10rd) (BLK)
    • NPZ Optics State Plant PSO-1 ( ПСО-1) Optical Sniper Sight (CAMO)
    • PSO-1 Lens Cover (CAMO)
    • PSO-1 Eyepiece Extension (CAMO)
    • Sling
  • Molot APB (АПС) Pistol (CAMO) :ru:
    • APB 9×18mm (20rd) x2+1
    • APB Silencer (CAMO)


  • СОБР (SOBR) Patch
  • CLASS Patch (Large)
  • CLASS Patch (Small)
  • Полиция СОБР МВД (Policia SOBR MVD) Patch
  • Полиция МВД (Policia MVD) Patch

Some time ago Dam moved away from the obvious unit logos to avoid copyright takedowns. Especially US units came in very generic boxes.
This one reveals at least a bit more, which most likely has to do with Russian authorities caring/enforcing less in this matter, I guess.

If I am not mistaken, they altered the torso of the base body. However, I don’t know with which release it came first. Also the arms are now hanging much more naturally. With the older body they were always sticking out a bit like he’s packed with muscles

The skin tone of the torso is definitely improved and so is the shape of the muscles, which come around more natural

Showing the back

I realized that neck mobility is suffering here. In comparison to the SS bodies, this one is completely stiff and can’t be moved

Thigh enhancers are foam with sticky tape. I don’t care to modify my body, like some do, so I am just leaving it like it is. Needs to be mentioned though that they lost some stickiness already

Well done headsculpt. Skin tone and surface are on spot and (facial)hair is looking great. The nice contrast between the hair and skin is not that well captured with my camera.

Lacking the likeness.

I had slight difficulties removing the shirt. Might be either to to the cut or the new body type.

You can guess the tight fit, when looking at the upper arms and the chest/upper back

Here is my first Gorka suit ever. It’s the Gen 3 and looks very good. However, I remember that some collectors weren’t happy with its fit. I think it was about the pants not being loose enough, due to elastic bands sewed in.

I checked the real jacket and realized that the elastic band around the waist could be looser as well when nitpicking.

Jacket on a mannequin

The hood with elastic band.

The bands are working, but the elasticity has too much force to remain in place.

Mannequin without hood

No working buttons, but velcro

Fake pocket. The pocket located only on the left of the chest comes only with the Gen 3.

These pockets are functional, but partially sewed up


Elastic waist band

Gorka pants

Button and velcro opening

Fake pocket

Usuable pocket, but filled with foam to provide a certain look. This one is hard to acces, as being partially sewed up

Knee areas having this overlapping cloth to expand when bent. It’s not perfectly installed as you can see on the right knee

Elastic band at the knee pits

I rolled up ends of the pant legs on the inside to replicate the out of the box look

Finally, the belt. Nothing new here, but it’s definitely not the focus and be ignored in my opinion

Taking a look at the fit

Quick look at the completed suit

Now, we are only missing the boots and the gloves to complete the base figure

Soles are weathered, no glue stains, cloth, sturdy and good execution in general.

Here a pic for comparison

Checking the different angles and materials

Mesh inside

They only detail missing is the LOWA marking on the tongue, but that’s bearable!

Note that LOWA is accidently mirrored on one sole

Seems to me that the 78059 was used to implement the relaxed hands for the first time.

These hands in general are stiff enough to have a good grip, but also offer enough felixibility.
This kind of glove would be nice to have in cloth actually.

Due to the plastic mold, you can’t use the loop of the gloves to attach anywhere. Would have been nice with cloth gloves!

All hands provided

I am very satisfied with the new relaxed hand position I metioned earlier

This offers more options and just looks better when posing with only one hand at the weapon

Completed base figure

Knee pads

Easy to slide on

So easy, that they are actually a bit too loose. Especially the upper straps can’t be tightened completely as they are jutting out already with a medium loose fit.

Let’s have a look at the vest and pouches

Belt suspenders are applied to the figure when out of the box

SRVV logo

They are adjustable at the waist

and also in length

It comes with two leg panels. Left one for more pouches and the right one for the holster

Pouches are the silencer pouch, …

Radio pouch, …

bottle pouch, …

where I fitted the MCToys M-069B bottle, I kept for more approx. a year now for this very opportunity…

and some utility pouch.

Holster should be the same as the 78058 SOBR. Fortunately, this one doesn’t suffer too much from becoming too bulky when the pistol is inserted. Otherwise, try to bend the velcro into shape.

Mag pouch

Butt pouch

Drop pouch is exactly the same as the 78047 Alpha, but it comes in A-TACS than MultiCam and has an added velcro lid

Here is the completed belt

I am happy this figure is equipped with these suspenders and a vest on top.
Having Russians the other way round with a non-MOLLE body armor, which requires a vest to be worn on top, is a pain to as you need to adjust the strings of the vest and finally manage to close the zipper. With the 78058 the vest was plainly too small or the strings too short.

Now to the vest/armor

More detailed pics

Groin protector is detachable

Chest plate provided

The waist part is free roaming

Shoulder straps

This loose velcro end is supposed to cling onto the inside of the vest, if I am not mistaken, but it holds very poorly

It comes with two flare pouches

Vityaz double mag pouch

Single rifle mag pouches

Taco pouches

Double grenade pouch

Let’s see what grenade type I’ll fit as DAM didn’t provide any. Probably RGD-5 or I’ll wait for the RGN/RGO ones from the 78066 MVD Bulat, but these look too large.

Backpack was advertized without SRVV logo

I kept the foam inside to keep the bulky look

That’s the completed vest then. The pouches on the front plate are a very tight fit next to each other, but managable.
The straps of the pouches that are supposed to be threaded through the MOLLE webbings are very thick and it might result in them to feaze when pulling the wrong way.

Also DAM is taking more shortcuts these days as you can see with little functions on the vest.

Headgear contains of low profile mask and Rys-T helmet

Should be the same as the 78021 Beslan one

The newly Rys-T is an interesting part. Slightly different to the 78058 SOBR version that came with no cable connector to the helmet. You couldn’t even open the flap.

Here is the latest version

The mic can be moved, but I doubt it’s meant to. It moves quite reluctant and might even scratch the helmet when you try detaching it from the clip…

…as the clip sits very close to the surface of the helmet

As I mentioned earlier you can’t remove anything from the cable connection at the helmet

Cable is also very rigid/stiff

Is that a switch? Wording looks like ПРА (PRA)

The inside with velcro to cling to the inner linen/padding

Closer look at the padding. I witnessed more often now, that the mannequin’s head is slightly too big to fit all kinds of headgear

To get a bit of an idea on how an Altyn evolved to a Rys-T here is a quick comparison

Altyn glass plate is larger

They definitely applied more detail to the plug, but unfortunately didn’t make it functional. The older Altyn had a detachable cable. This one can’t be removed


With visors removed

Altyn visor comes in one piece

Rys-T comes in three pieces. The pins to remove it from the helmet are loose. It adds more realism and also doesn’t require the visor to be bent anymore in order to remove

Also nice to see that DAM added a second glass plate for this version


Radio is the typical Vertex one every company uses for Russians. Only this time it’s in camo

Comms are connetected directly to the helmet

Plug has a firm fit and will remain in place

Patches. The two on the right come with the wording Полиция МВД and Полиция СОБР МВД. Police MVD and Police SOBR MVD

Did they finally realize that sticky ones suck? At least 3 out of 5 have a velcro base

Reflective armband is shorter than usual. It’s not meant to be attached to the upper arm but to any part of the gear



Using google translator doesn’t make sense completely: Lot Stars Green Fire. ЗЕЛЕОГО might be ЗЕЛЕНОГО which means green, so the other flare should be called red, which is not the case?

The snaplights really caught my attention. I just like the look of it

They consist of a solid plastic body and are wrapped by a paper like material to provide the proper look

DAM’s preferred watch of choice for all figures

Speed cuffs

Carabiners. Blue one belongs to the rope



I never showcased the functionality of it

Unfortunately it’s too short and can’t be extended like the real thing from the second pic. Might only fit a thin 1/6 arm maybe

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Awesome review. My very first Russian (and one of the few figures I’ve actually ordered complete), and definitely not a letdown. A couple things I’ve noticed:

  • It’s possible that the sticky-backed patches are meant to be attached to the arms of the uniform. May be inaccurate, but I’ve seen it down on BBICN.
  • I love the new body personally, the arms are huge compared to the “older” DAM body which is great. Very stiff though. I’ve put the body from this set in a set of DAM Crye G3s and I think the body type looks best in that type of “athletic” uniform as I think it’s one of the more realistic base figures out there; I’m using the previous-gen DAM body (from San Diego SWAT figure) for this SOBR figure as I think the lankier/taller body suits the Gorka suit and heavier loadout better.
  • The chemlights in the packaging will go through most MOLLE loops but only with some shaving of the plastic at one end

I thought so too. As there is no velcro supplied, the patches need to be sticky. I just don’t like it as they will lose their stickiness eventually and fall off.

I am fine with the Gorka fit, but your body swap sounds interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t have any spares at the moment, but will check how these different DAM bodies will go with certain uniforms. Thanks

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Like i said a very cool and awsome review. Better and more detailed is nearly impossible.

I’ll try my best. It’s very time consuming, but sometimes reveals features I didn’t notice before.
Will do more in the future, but need to try to improve lighting on the images.

I try to bring the French RIAD and DEA, when I get them.

I can highly recommend a photobox for this. Would be great for your reviews. I have this one and love it.