Review DAM SOBR Lynx Operator PART 2

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Handgun is the APB (APS with silencer adapter)

I realized they should have provided one more pistol mag as you have two taco pouches and the extra pouch attached to the holster and you can only fill two of them with the existing mags


Mags are more or less the same except for the main one having a painted floor plate

Complete pistol

It’s the same as the earlier 78021 pistol

Of course, you can fit any stock released by DAM before

Click here for a DAM APS/APB comparison review

AS Val also seen before with the 78021

I am so disappointed this didn’t receive more attention.

You can only move the fire selector, but not the charging handle

Folding stock



I have three of these AS Vals, but I only with one I managed to move the muzzle, which gives you a huge advantage when attaching the 78021 sling. You are probably not supposed to remove it completely, but the first two pics definitely show an intended function. I highlighted the pin and notch that slot into each other

Base rifle

Makes me want to finally have this in my hands, but you will never know when it’s released

It comes with 4 mags

Main mag has the same camo coloring as the rifle

I have no knowledge about the rifles features, but iron sights are solely featured at the suppressor

When in action, I have never seen any pictures where it’s used without the suppressor. At least, next to the sounds suppression, it must have an effect on the range and speed of the projectile

Here is the PSO optic with wording



The cap seems to be glued to the scope or at least caused by the paint. With the older 78021 you could just remove it

Here the eye piece

Before I go one here is a quick comparison to the 78021 non-painted version

Taking this picture now before applying the scope is crucial, as you most likely won’t be able detach it on a later stage without any damage.

DAM opted for the following mechanism as they didn’t replicate the original one (highlighted with blue lines; kind of a rail system).
There are two pins. The longer one on the left is responsible for the tight fit. The smaller one only adjusts the scope tosit in a proper position. This long pin however, sits very tight. You might be able to file it before inserting, but could effect the fit and then you are done.

Looks like Hobby Nuts found a way to implement the real one by the way. The rifle is still a prototype now for longe rthan a year

Completed rifle

At the end a short introduction about the sling. You can see that one loop is only wrapped around the sling

But it’s meant to be threaded through this metal loop/swivel

In order to do this it’s required to bend the swivel, because all loose ends (highlighted) of the sling are sewed up!

Fortunately, a quick fix

Quite interesting to see that DAM tends to deliver figures now where the secondary weapon is more interesing than the main one, when the figure comes with two weapons next to the pistol. I witnessed this with the 78047A (TMP-9), the 78061 (GL06) and now this 78059 (PP-19-01)

The Vityaz should be a piece many collectors have waited for and then it even comes in premium quality

The plain smg

As almost all DAM Russian rifles, you can remove the muzzle

Notch to install it in the proper position

SMG itself

It comes with a top and side rail, which would enable you to use all kinds of Russian optics here

Folded stock

Fire selector

Charging handle

You can open thebolt cover, but it requires to move the charging handle back for half an inch, otherwise it’s blocking each other.
I didn’t dare to push too hard

Rear iron sight is actually movable


Fortunately, my rail is installed properly and not crooked


It’s no huge downside, but the mags are sitting slightly loose


Mepro dight

Laser and switch

The Klesh was slightly improved by a velcro patch with the 78058

N° 20857 Сделано в России (N° 20857 Sdelano v Rossii)

Detachable switch

Grip with rail. Rail sits too loose though and needs some work to sit tighter. Same for the laser. This is something I never encountered with DAM before. DAM’s execution used to be very good so far

This grip can’t be installed by itself




It’s almost finished now and only the completed figure pics left

Sling is attached to the silver carabiner

This buckle actually broke, but because I stepped on it


  • New items like Vityaz SMG, new light sticks, specific Gorka suit and well done headsculpt
  • Assembly process bears little issues (not a given)
  • Rys-T helmet with radio connection
  • Topic never covered before by any other brand
  • 2 main weapons
  • Relaxed hands


  • Better QC than 78058, also plastic buckles are much more durable compared to the 78058
  • AS Val still without working charging handle (the RPK from a former Gangster Kingdom figure didn’t have it either, but was changed for later DAM releases)
  • Patches partially with velcro (it’s a positive, but putting this as a pro would feel inappropriate, as it should be the normal thing)


  • No grenades and 4th pistol mag provided
  • Helmet cable can’t be detached

Top full detailled review chpo.

Agreed about the AS VAL. However I do think it’s awesome that the weapons that came with this set are very sturdy, don’t suffer from upturned barrels and the folding stocks don’t collapse too easily.
Also, if you don’t like the tightness of the Gorka in certain places there are places you can reach in with an Xacto blade and cut the elastic to loosen it.

Thanks for that. Will do the 78061 or 78063, when they arrive in a few weeks.

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Thank you for this review in great detail … :blush:

You are very welcome!

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