Review DAMTOYS 78071F BBICN Exclusive Spetsnaz FSB Alfa Group - St. Peterburg




  • Headsculpt
  • BLACKHAWK! S.O.L.A.G. Special Ops Gloves x3



  • MICH 2000 Helmet w/ Wilcox W Shroud
    • L-3 AN/PVS-14 MNVD w/ Arm Mount
      • Norotos RHNO II H Helmet Mount
    • Princeton Tec Switch MPLS LED Light (BLK)
    • Contour GPS 1080p HD Helmet Cam (BLK)
    • S&S Precision V-Lite (RED)
  • Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame 2.0
  • Face Mask (BLK)

Vest and Pouches

  • Gruppa 99 Low-Vis Plate Carrier
  • Camelbak Delta-5 Tactical Vest
    • SRVV Butt Pack Z3T Tactical (Backpack)
    • SRVV Cargo Day Butt Pack 3L
    • Vityaz Double Mag Pouch
    • SRVV Quick Release Rifle Mag Pouch x3
    • HSGI Pistol TACO - MOLLE (BLK)
    • Double Pistol Mag Pouch
    • Pistol Holder
    • SRVV Medical Pouch
    • SRVV Vertical Utility Pouch
    • SRVV Utility Pouch for Bottle
    • Radio Pouch
    • Grenade Pouch x2
  • SRVV Drop Leg Platform
    • Holster
    • Flare Pouch
  • SRVV Drop Leg Platfrom S1
    • Single Pistol Mag Pouch x4

Tactical Gear

  • Climbing Harness
  • Omega Pacific Locking D Carabiner
  • Carabiner
  • Rescue Figure 8 Ring Descender
  • Combat Application Tourniquet
  • IRT Reflective Armband
  • ID Shirt (White)
  • Hatch XTAK Knee Pads
  • Rolex Datejust 31
  • Tri-Fold Restraints (YELLOW) x2
  • ROP Flare (RED)
  • ROP Flare (GREEN)
  • Light Stick (PINK) x2
  • Multi-Tool


  • Vertex Standard VX 920 Series Radio (CAMO)
  • 3M PELTOR ComTac XPI Headset
    • 3M PELTOR MT33-05/1 Microphone
    • 3M PELTOR PTT Adapter FL5601-02



  • Alfa Group (BLK/GRAY)
  • Alfa Group (BLK/YELLOW)
  • Russian Flag
  • Soviet Union Flag
  • Predator
  • A+ Pos
  • FSB (ФСБ) x2
  • Scandinavian Runes
  • Reflective (Small) x2
  • Reflective (Medium) x2
  • НЕ ПРИБЛИЖАТЬСЯ (don’t approach)

Before I start, I tried to search for some information about this figure and it seems like it’s more of a SOBR than an Alfa Group unit, which DAM labled it probably mistakenly.

This is where I used to dispaly the box, but instead I send out a special thanks to the involved shipping companies. None of the parts were damaged accordingly though, but I will get a replacement box to collect.

Out of the box the body is almost fully covered in plastic wrap (some removed already). As I normally don’t check my bodies or don’t buy nudes, I can’t tell if these ankles are new and if they are extended or solely altered in style in comparison to the DAM 2.0 BADY.

The torso part indicated by the red lines is made from soft and felxible rubber-like material.

The face of…

Gloved hands from a new mould, I guess. Unfortunately, only three pieces provided and no relaxed palms anymore. I liked the relaxed ones a lot and they look much better when posing the figure without holding the rifle, which I try to prevent, as this could lead to color transfers or reactions inbetween the materials of the hands and rifle grips and damage as a result.

Base shirt is a simple black one

The white shirt is called identification shirt in the description, but my search didn’t get me anywhere. Does it serve a similar purpose as the armbands Russians tend to use?
You can see some sloppy craftsmanship at the collar where surplus cloth is glued and not sewn to the inside. It even shines through as you can see on the right hand images, but the contrast of the black mannequin might make it appear to be more prominent.

Top of the BDUs comes with fake pockets. The classic version comes with working pockets

Reinforced elbows and more fake pockets located at the sleeves. Nice detail with the non-functional shoulder straps. Also no buttons but velcro but that’s a minor thing.
Unfortunately, I didn’t buy the 78071 classic yet so I can’t compare the different camo patterns in hand. However, this will follow on a later stage.

Most pockets are partially sewed up but remain accessable. Strings at the ankles are functional and can be used to tighten the fit

Strangely, the rear butt pocket on the right hand sight is missing. Will check with other collectors if this is intended or bad QC. EDIT It’s correctly copied from the real reference item. Thanks to @AdamC The functional part on the right looks like you can attach sth like a tool or similar? EDIT It’s intended to hold a knife.

The usual DAM belt, but hidden under the vest anyway

After having seen the average quality clothing, I am quite surprised by the level of detail of the UA boots.

Plate Carrier is a Russian model from Gruppa99. Unknown company to me before. It’s a simple model but well detailed by DAM. Only the execution could have been better.

A break down of the individual parts. Foam plates included.

The cloth highlight in this set might be the Camelbak vest with integrated bladder pouch.

I can’t think of any recent model including so much detail and wording. Even the cap of the drinking tube includes the Camelbak wording.
I am slowly starting to change my mind about this release. There are certain shortcuts and QC issues and some still to come, but I guess I like the 78071 a lot by now.

The straps need to be extended to the maximum in order to fit. 78058 was the worst so far where I attached a second string to each side to be able to fit it over the armor vest.
Somehow every brand struggles with providing a proper fit when it comes to Russian vests in combination with a body armor. Even the MCToys M-069 was a pain in this regard.

All pouches laid out

SRVV branded and other pouches

Holsters with a new MOLLE holster/clip for the second secondary weapon

Drop leg panels. Be assured that the buckles are from good quality this time and won’t break easily like 78058 or 78059

The harness came with the 78061, I think. D-Carabiner comes with these markings on both sides. They didn’t do the OMEGA USA logo:

kN←→31(_)9↓↑ 9
CE 0082

Kneepads. I start to realize that DAM is improving more and more items with brand logos now

Headgear starts with the balaclava and reveals glue stains galore on the inside, which is annoying when apparent on the visible side of the opening. The shape is alrgiht, but DAM didn’t shine with their balaclavas lately. Either bad QC or too small sized

Shades are the usual as well, but I never took the time before to check them properly and I realized the temples of the shades come with tiny holes in it.
The transparent part also parted from the temples once I tried to attach it to the head and had it glue back in place. The transparent part came kind of scratched.

Helmet and accessories in an overview

I marked the velcro parts and wonder why 1 is only provided once. Looks like the smallest part is used to extend the 3, as 3 and 4 are not overlapping. Therefore, I wonder why the two 1 on the ear protection position are missing with this figure. I can confirm that other sellers are offering one only as well

Closer look at the helmet itself

I can confirm that the straps are elastic. Might not be realistic but eases the fit


NVG with arm. I marked the movable/rotating part on the NVG
PATENT# 5.914.816
CAGE 13567

However, I had problems identifying the wording on the NVG

Helmet camera

1080p wide 135°

LED helmet light

V-LITE with velcro backing

That’s the comms you get

Did we ever have a DAM Russian that came without the Vortex radio? I at least can’t remember any.
You might be able to detach the cable of the PTT, but it’s very likely the paintjob kind of created a good bond between them.

Nothing special about the headset either. I just highlighted all the details

Mine is rusty already. When did they assemble that set?

Patches and don’t expect any velcro backing except for the blood type

The writing of the black patch as far as I could figure it out. One word makes no sense at the moment.

Andrey from gsoldiers helped with the spelling

НЕ ПРИБЛИЖАТЬСЯ (No trespassing)
НАРУШИТЕЛИ (violators)
БУДУТ УБИТЬІ (will be killed)
ВЬІЖИБШИЕ (survivors) They misspelled it ВЫЖИВШИЕ
БУДУТ УБИТЫ ЬІ ВНОВЬ! (will be killed again)


The runes seem to be this:




The watch is a nicely detailed piece. The display is a sticker only, but full of detail. Even the clip on the inside of the strap is molded.
They forgot to to change the wording on the red flare so they are all called green

МНОГО (Lot of)
ЗВЕЗД (Stars)
ОГНЯ (Fire)

Quick look at the restraints and how they work. I keep reusing the same image as making use of the feature might break or deform the cuffs (Please bear with me as my only nude was a black person. And please bear with me, as you might not be allowed to say black anymore sarcasm off)


RGD-5 and RGN have already been made by various companies like DAM, MCToys and KGB-Hobby. So even better that DAM started with the 78066 to introduce the RGO for the first time.

For further information read on the defensive RGO or the offensive RGN

First time I got my hand on the newly molded G17 from DAM. It finally replaces their old disgraceful mould. I tried to disassemble it, but failed. If anyone took the risk, please let me know.

The new G17 is pretty much on par with SS, not knowing all the features yet like disassembly

Closer look at the Glock. Keep in mind that the coming 78072 and 78074 are equipped with the G17 Gen4 and is slightly different in its appearance

Slide moves easily and the whole pistol looks very well executed

New mags and laser look well detailed, too


Never seen before in 1/6. It’s stable, slide moves nicely, not too loose or tight. Unfortunately, the edges of the slide and the rest of the pistol won’t close properly and you can see light shining through. Didn’t capture it on my images though. I would say get it before it disappears like the PKP from DAM

Luckily, the PP-19-01 was released again. Still missing Zenitka accessories, but at least it comes in a different color now and with an AR-15 style stock. However, no SRVV wording unfortunately.

(Please excuse the lighting of some of the following images)

Closer look at the charging handle, which sits very tight and works well compared to all of DAM’s AK74s

Second use of the ACC stock after the 78058

CAA Command Arms Accessories

As my battery department didn’t open, probably due to the paint job, I used an old images of the black stock, but the quality is not great. In real life it’s attached to the buttstock and folds open

My handguard wasn’t glued to the receiver so here a look at the inside


Newly introduced with two empty mags and a camo one. The empty ones are loose and not attached to the coupler

The mag coupler is made from metal and you need to bend it open to remove the mags. Not the best solution. I also didn’t manage to seperate them, but I was cautious in trying so

Silencer is a good addtition for hobbyists and comes with a notch like the muzzle to fit properly


Left side wording


Right side



Laser and grip. Grip could be seperated from the rail adapter, but the paint might prevent that. I also never figured out what laser that actually is. DAM lables it custom laser or custom PEQ


@AdamC Thanks, it’s an Aspid aiming laser from SOT (Современные Оптические Технологии)


Completed smg

Here are some pictures of the figure itself, but I am still waiting for some spare parts to arrive till I finish it completely


  • PSS, vest, boots, gloves are newly made parts with great detail
  • new Vityaz variant w/ silencer and stock
  • more Russian camo


  • easier to obtain than expected despite being BBICN exclusive
  • new figure box is more robsut


  • average QC
  • some items seem to be quickly manufactured for this exclusive, hence lack of detail (Gruppa 99 vest and BDUs eg)
  • wrongly named Alfa Group instead of SOBR?
  • stock of Vityaz too loose (no comparison so far, will get more in soon)


That’s the closest I found and is from SOBR

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Great review as usual. Here is some followup on questions/comments in your review.

I can’t tell if these ankles are new and if they are extended or solely altered in style in comparison to the DAM 2.0 BADY.

They are new with this style of body. They have changed the ankle peg length several times now with this style of body, so the clothes may fit slightly differently from release to release. It would be good if they kept kitbashers in mind and would just settle on one set height as it throws off the length of the lower legs.

The straps need to be extended to the maximum in order to fit

Seems to be an issue with most of these style of vests as they are tricky to get over the body armor. A small improvement would be to increase the strap length and have the user just snip off the extra length. I ended up just using an older DAM slim body for one bash for this reason.

Kneepads. I start to realize that DAM is improving more and more items with brand logos now

I suspect they reused a previous mold for these ones. The correct ones would have been SRVV X-pads which are “inspired” by the Hatch. It’s possible they use Hatch as well, it isn’t uncommon to see an original US or European brand in use, along with multiple knockoffs from Taiwanese and Russian manufacturers.

918624cd-3c8c-11df-aec7-00241d328626_1648ec05-368d-11e0-89b3-001517b2c05b (1)

I also never figured out what laser that actually is. DAM lables it custom laser or custom PEQ

Russian model from SOT called “Aspid”

stock of Vityaz too loose (no comparison so far, will get more in soon)

Pretty much standard for the folding buffer tube adapter across their AK style rifles.

Thanks for the insight. Will adapt the review accordingly.
Also wondered why the knee pads haven’t been SRVV.

Great review, thanks man! I really wish they’d make a new series of pouches… the SRVV line is great, but there are so many other options, like FORT, SSO/SPOSN, etc.

Great review! Very detailed.

Something I noticed about the mag coupler is that DAM put the mags in backward - the coupler’s plate should be oriented in front of the mags (source: googling “Vityaz magazine coupler” or similar).

I too had to bend my mag coupler to release the mags and fix this issue. It’s cheap metal, so it will have some stress marks from unbending and rebending. Unfortunate, but no surprise.

Thank you for this wonderful new review. :blush:

I am always impressed by the number of details that I discover on these figures, in your reviews … and thank you also for the explanation of the operation of the “restraints” … I did not know how they worked.

Only small criticism, which I would give to Damtoys, and of course, not to you :yum: why always the same patch of blood group A + …

Is this new body taller than the previous DAM bodies? I’m looking to replace the body of one of my bashes with one that makes it taller and leaner than all my other bashes. One of them has the old Dam body without a neck post, one has the neckless E&S 2.0 body, and the other two have the Dam 2.0 body with the neck post. I’m considering the Phicen M36A body, but that requires a lot of maintenance, is expensive, and probably can’t maintain a sitting pose for a long time without warping. But if the new body is suitable, then I will get that instead of the Phicen body.

I don’t have a 78071 body on hand, but the 78075 body looks to have roughly the same ankle peg length as that one from eyeballing my photos. Here is a comparison of several DAM bodies, from left to right the bodies are: Sobr Lynx AE body (first gen of their new body design), SSO Body (further iteration on the new body), and one of their old 2.0 bodies. The latest iteration of their body is slightly taller, but it also uses a shorter neck peg length compared to the 2.0 bodies. I haven’t compared the relative heights with a head mounted.

You can see the longer ankle pegs move the upper and lower torso dimensions to align closer to the original 2.0 design which addresses some of the complaints with clothes fitment of older uniforms on the newer bodies. They have tinkered a fair bit with the hip to foot length with this new generation so depending on the specific variant you get pants will sit differently. From their perspective it makes it easier to reuse existing sewing patterns I would guess.

Not a fan of the Phicen bodies myself. Like you say the body material will tear with any prolonged posing, they stain relatively easy, that material will eventually fail even with being in a static position, and the wrist peg holder (in the arm itself) design is terrible and is relatively easy to break with swapping of hands. A simple well made plastic body is generally my preference as you don’t have to worry about these issues.

For reference, the bash that I’m concerned with has the headsculpt from the 78064 figure (with rooted hair). I haven’t looked into the height of the Dam bodies, but apparently the Phicen body-in 1/1 scale-would be 6’6 ft, which is the main reason reason that I was considering that body in the first place. That and the fact that it would be easier to put waterside tattoos on, and that I want it’s leaner than the DAM bodies. My point is that I want that bash to be taller (at least 13in or more.) and leaner than my other ones. Would this 3.0 body, along with ankle peg height adapters and the headsculpt itself achieve that effect?

Another question: are there any feet with bendable toes that can fit the 3.0 body? I want to get some high heel dress shoes for the new body to help tie its outfit together.

After taking a look with heads mounted to each of the bodies, the height is only slightly taller with the newer body compared to the old 2.0 due to the shorter neck peg the new 3.0 body uses so you won’t get much of a height gain with the newer DAM body.

Measure your existing body and add the length of any third party extenders and see what you get. I don’t use extenders myself so nothing to check with. One consideration when doing so is where your pants will sit relative to the footwear, so maybe account for that when you are figuring out which length extenders to try.

Not that I’m aware of. The peg sizing on the newer DAM bodies is slightly larger than their old ones, which means they are slightly larger diameter than Hot Toys. There may be some random brands that have the pivoting toes section but no idea what peg sizing they use as once you go away from the main brands the sizing tends to go all over the place.

COO had a taller body they marketed. I’ve not tried them myself but perhaps someone else here can give feedback on those and how easy it is to swap DAM heads onto them.

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Great review. Thanks for sharing.

That SMG and PSS pistol are the only thing interesting for me from the set really.