Review DAMTOYS RAID in Paris

As I am waiting for replacement parts, the completed figure pics will follow on a later stage

DAMTOYS #78061


  • Headsculpt
  • DAM 3.0ACTION BADY (New Muscle Arm)
  • Oakley SI Assault Gloves x3


  • S.O.D. Legion Combat Shirt (BLUE) :it:
  • S.O.D. Legion Pants Light Regular (BLUE) :it:
  • T-Shirt (GRAY)
  • Spec.-Ops. Better BDU Belt (BLK)
  • LOWA Zephyr GTX HI TF (GRAY)


  • MSA KFS V2 :fr:
  • Balaclava (GRAY)
  • Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame 2.0

Vest and Pouches

  • Sioen Ballistics EXIMIUS Tactical Vest :fr:
    • GP Pouch
    • Med Pouch
    • Radio Pouch
    • Rifle Mag Pouch x2
    • FirstSpear Double Pistol Mag Pouch
    • Double 40mm Grenade Pouch
  • Tactical MOLLE Belt
    • Double 40mm Grenade Pouch
    • Double Grenade Pouch
    • FirstSpear CSM Drop Pouch

Tactical Gear

  • C•A•T Combat Application Tourniquet
  • Yates Gear-565 Helo Personal Retention Lanyard
  • Arc’Teryx LEAF Knee Caps
  • SUUNTO Vector Watch
  • Climbing Harnes w/ Carabiner (BLUE)
  • Omega Pacific Screw Locking “D” Carabiners (SILVER) x2
  • Omega Pacific Screw Locking “D” Carabiners (BLK)
  • Rescue Figure 8 Ring Descender
  • Tri-Fold Restraints (YELLOW) x2
  • Light Stick (PURPLE) x2
  • Pen (BLK)
  • Multitool
    • Multitool Holder
  • Streamlight Sidewinder IR


  • MSA Sordin Supreme Pro IV w/ Neckband
    • Sonic Comms Head Set Interface Unit (HIU) PTT
    • Sonic Comms Head Set Interface Unit (HIU) PTT (attached to rifle)


  • HK G36C IdZ :de:
    • Magpul EMAG 30 5.56×45mm (30rd) x2+1
    • EOTech 552
    • HK Flip Up Sights
    • Magpul RVG Vertical Grip
    • Sling
  • B&T GL06 :switzerland:
    • Rheinmetall Defence 40mm Low Velocity Sound & Flash Cartridge x2
    • Defense Technology eXact iMpact 40 mm Standard Range Sponge Round x2
    • Inert Products Inert 40mm Foam Baton Less-Lethal Grenade
    • EOTech 551
    • BCM Gunfighter Short Vertical Grip
    • Sling
  • Glock-17 :austria:
    • Glock Mag 9×19mm (17rd) x2+1
    • SureFire X300 Ultra w/ Grip Switch Assembly X-Series
    • Pistol Lanyard
    • Safariland 6004 SLS Tactical Holster


  • A- NEG Patch x2
  • Police x2
  • RAID
  • RAID Logo
  • RAID Logo (GRAY)
  • FIPN x2
  • FIPN (GRAY) x2
  • Moral Patch
  • Ω03
  • Ω04

This review might be late according to the release which took place a few months ago already, but this could become my favourite figure this year, so I am still looking forward taking a closer look at it.

The box comes with the official RAID logo, so it makes me wonder if the US authorities are the only one that actually care about copyright.
DAM is hiding FBI and DEA thoroughly on their box shots and SS had problems with their obviously labeled NYPD set. However, we never heard about Russians and others that tried to take down products.

Out of the box nothing new, except for the protective foil covering the arms.

DAM kept the recent body, but provided the old-school rubber muscle arms. Let’s see how they keep up.

The arm on left hand side shows the maximum extension. The metal joint is stiff and the mechanism moves in several small steps like a cogwheel.

Another difference I noticed is the ankle. The shin seems to be shorter and this black foam ring is added instead. First I thought DAM opted for a taller body, but putting it next to other figures doesn’t confirm that.

I think they matched Will Smith pretty well. However, the preview images gave me the impression of more detail.
The hairline e.g. on the retail head sculpt is not properly painted and the hair overall looks a bit dull in color. Also his skintone and pores seem to have a more life-like appearance. Either they used better material to advertize or they solely did a great job with photoshop/lighting.

The shirt color comes with a nice contrast to the rest of his uniform.
Material differs, too, which is now thicker then their usual shirts and it has kind of a padded swim wear feel to it.

SOD Uniform ahead. This figure comes with many new parts and so is the uniform.
It’s quite deatiled and close to the original, however packed with certain shortcuts.

The pants are the light variant and come with cloth/padding reinforced knees only. As you can see in the excerpt in the bottom right corner, the padding can be removed and is secured by a tiny velcro.

I highlighted the pockets and provided two close ups of the ankle velcros

R = real pocket, S = partially sewed up, but still accessable; F = fake

Back with reinforced croth area

Belt is the standard BDU one

The matching top is neat too, but a bit difficult to put on due to the rubber arms creating a lot of friction.

The top might not be completetly accurate either as I struggled to find it on their offical homepage. It exists but with different elbow pads and altered pockets next the shoulders.

Same procedure with the pockets here

The back with rolled up collar from two perspectives

Update: I am considering now to pose him without the long sleeve top due to the rubber arms

Gloves/hands nothing new here. A bit disappointed with not having the relaxed hands, because they were introduced with the 78059. On the other hand DAM provides extra wrist pegs to make a hand change more comfortable.

Quick update on the wrist pegs. The ball joints that touches the rubber arms were slightly covered in a shiny sticky mass. Not not sure how well the arms will hold up.

Boots are already used for the 78059 in black. Still a quality item. Nice sewing, no glue stanis, well assembled and a lot of detail. As DAM didn’t change anything about the item it’s logically that the mirrored LOWA wording is still present.

Headgear comes with the usual Oakley glasses, a balaclava and the KFV V2.

Balaclava should be the same material as the shirt

Not sure where this damage originated from, but after I removed the balaclava after a few days, this stain came up. It’s just highly annoying as replacement of this one is not cheap and you can see the nose when the face mask is applied like DAM did.

The helmet is definitely one of the outstanding pieces of this set. Helmet and visor having great detail and are unique so far.
The inner padding should be used in order to have a proper fit, even with the balaclava applied.

2 velcro pads are supplied, but I only ever saw one used with this figure. I marked the intended position.

The older HT figure is about 15 yrs old now, but certain parts like the helmet are still holding up well.
Here a short comparison between the older V1 and the current V2

Kneepads are slightly more weathered than visible on these pictures. Also the buckles are one mould and can’t be opened accordingly.

Harness comes in 3 parts and is connected via a carabiner

Closer look at the buckles and carabiner

Applied at the figure

Slowly, this figure is becoming annoying. Broken buckle from the harness. Tried to tighten the fit.

EXIMIUS vest comes with these pouches

Closer look at the pouches

and the padding with sticky tape I don’t even know how it’s intended to use.

Front, back and shoulder pieces. The velcro strap I stressed with an arrow is removable, but you need to pull the male velcro through a tiny slit of a buckle, so I left it. The shoulder piece also showcases the many loose threads you will encounter.

Finally, I fully disassembled it. The X indicates where the velcro pouches used to be. It’s a well done vest, but looking for great detail like armor plates compartments or working zippers you won’t find it (minor issue). Reviewing SS vests ususally requires more images to cover all features.



MOLLE belt with accessories. Please note that the dump pouch will be attached to the duty belt.

Completed belt without holster. Some MOLLE webbings are sewed up and need opening with a blade.

The holster is like the G17 kind of a shame, but I’ll come to the pistol later. The holster remained the same since I can remember (78016 maybe?). The rough look is one thing, but it’s just too tight and you will need a lot of filing inside to not to scratch the pistol, when you insert it.
The sticker is the tiny positive here to give it at least a different kind of look.

DAM decided some time ago to go with sticky tape patches, which is solely cheap in my eyes as they ususally apply to velcro anyway

Took me quite some time to create proper replacement

Communications are looking new to me. The headset comes with an additional neck holder and the radio seems to be a completely new part

Radio with wording and crisp detail

I am prety sure by now that the cable from the headset wasn’t glued in properly and came off. Also indicated by the white tip of the cable which should be remaining adhesive.

Closer look at the headphone style


Most gear here is known already, but the light sticks come in two different shapes, when taking a closer look. The multi-tool pouch has a very tight fit. No paint scratched on the multi-tool so far, but you can’t file the inside of the holder as the material is mighty thin already


Tourniquet is missing the TIME wording

SUUNTO watch. Like the wrist pegs, we need to see how the rubber arms are doing over time and if the watch will be effected

Glock 17 on top of the grip and under the slide you can just read out MADE IN AUSTRIA

The barrel bends up nicely like the real pistol, but you can also spot the gap between the slide and the the grip. Sloppy mould.
Left bottom side of the grip comes with the GLOCK icon. That’s it though with wording on this poor item

I remember this from the Russian 78047A figure where the extra weapon (TMP-9) actually excelled the primary (AK-74) one in my opinion. Same here, so I will review the G36C IdZ first

After saying that and reviewing the G36, I actually have to admit that this assault is well done and I missed quite some features on earlier rifles.

Moving charging handle and fire selector. The chraging handle is very loose, but will be stopped from moving around by the mags inserted, which have a very tight fit. They somehow connect to the charging handle then and create friction.

The stock seems to have several features. I don’t like the implementation of the pin of the cheek piece that is inserted on one side, but doesn’t connect/insert on the other side of the it.
The pin also doesn’t run through a hole, but a slit, which allows to have different positions of the cheek piece as displayed in the image.

This is what actually caught my eye. You can just disassemble all the parts like in real life. I then just went back to my collection and realized that the 78054 and SS104 have the same functions. Seems like that the IdZ versions got an upgrade from SS and DAM.

EOTech and iron sights

Grip and Bluetooth switch, that actually belongs to the communications set.

I had to add the sling as as I forgot to cover it

EMAGs have a very tight fit as mentioned already. I also highlighted the MagPul logo on the ranger plate.

Pics of the completed rifle

GL06 comes with a folding stock

To open the GL you need to push the barrel backwards and upwards simultaneously. Otherwise a latch will prevent you from opening. This procedure will gain some difficulty when a grenade is inserted


Grenade. I have bought additional ones to fill all the pouches. Click the grenade type below for more information

Low Velocity Sound & Flash / eXact iMpact / Inert 40mm Foam Baton Less-Lethal Grenade

Completed GL


Amazing review! Thank you for sharing.

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Great review! I think it’s a shame that DAM and other brands are now supplying these sticker-type patches instead of velcro. It’s simply cheap and low quality, wgile on the other gand, retail prices for the figures are steadily increasing. This is just NOT value for money, it rather feels like a rip-off! I mean, really, you charge 200 bucks for a figure and then save on some velcro?! Kind of ridiculous, isn’t it?

Excuse my typing :sob:- fingers just ain’t nimble enough for a mobile, will use a keyboard in the future…

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Another excellent review … very much in detail. Crazy job … :yum:

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It’s me as well :smile:

Great review! I thought about getting this…missed the boat in my country.

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Wow; that’s an impressive Will Smith headsculpt. I have the sweet grenade launcher from this set, but yet to get the rifle loose for a decent price.