Review Soldier Story CT-SFO Review Part 1

Item N°

Soldier Story

  • SS112



  • Life Like Head Sculpt
  • S2.5 Body (Tattoo on Right Arm)
  • Bare Weapon Hand (1 Pair)
  • Bendable Bare Hand (1 Pair)
  • Bare Feet (1 Pair)


  • SHEAF T-Shirt
  • The North Face CYCLONE Jacket
  • Inner Padding Suit
  • Levi’s 501 Jeans
  • Salomon VEGA Mid GTX Boots


  • Metropolitan Police Cap
  • Avon SF-10 Gas Mask
    • Gas Mask Filter
  • Oakley Monster Dog Sunglasses
  • Neck Gaiter (OLIVE)

Vest and Pouches

    • Shoulder Pad (1 pair) (WOLF GREY)
    • C2R-FAST SIde Armor Pouch (WOLF GREY) x2
    • C2R-FAST Groin Protection (WOLF GREY)
    • C2R-FAST Dump Pouch (WOLF GREY)
    • C2R-FAST Radio Pouch (WOLF GREY)
    • C2R-FAST RAMP (Rapid Access Medical Pouch) (WOLF GREY)
    • Single Pistol Mag Pouch x2
    • Hammer Holder (Metal Tube)
    • Hammer Catch
    • ITW Nexus FastMag Holder x2
  • HSGI Cobra Rigger Belt
    • Drop Leg Panel
    • Double Flash Bang Pouch
    • Belt Loop

Tactical Gear

  • Under Armour Tactical Liner Gloves
  • Arc’teryx LEAF Knee Caps (1 pair)
  • SRVV X-Pad Elbow Pad (1 pair)
  • Gerber Multi-tool w/ Pouch
  • Benchmade 5 Hook Safety Cutter w/ Sheath
  • ASP Tri-Fold Restraints (YELLOW) x2
  • Ball Pen (BLUE)
  • SUUNTO Vector Smartwatch
  • Carabiner x2
  • Handcuffs w/ Key (Metal)
  • Light Stick (RED) x2
  • Light Stick (WHITE) x2
  • Tape Roll (BLK)
  • BLACKHAWK! Mini ThunderSledge (Hammer)
  • Police ID Card


    • MOTOROLA GPS Stubby Antenna
  • 3M PELTOR COMTAC XP Tactical Headset (DARK GREY)


  • SIG 516 CQB Assault Rifle :switzerland:
    • Magpul CTR Stock (BLK)
    • Magpul MOE Grip
    • SOCOM Gear Lancer L5 AWM 5.56×45mm (30rd) x5+1
    • Aimpoint T-1 Micro
    • Aimpoint 3X Magnifier w/ TwistMount and Spacer 12071
    • Troy Industries Folding Battle Sights
    • Streamlight TLR-2 HL G Gun Light and Green Laser w/ Switch
    • CAA EVG (Ergonomic Vertical Grip)
    • UTG Gen III Blank Firing Adaptor (YELLOW)
    • Bungee Single Point Sling
  • Glock-17 CT-SFO Issue :austria:
    • Pistol Mag 9×19mm (17rd) x2+1
    • Streamlight M-3 Tactical Illuminator
    • Pistol landyard
    • SAFARILAND Model 6004 G17 /w Tactical Holster
  • CTS M7290 Flash Bang x2
  • Benchmade CBK Dagger w/ Sheath


  • Thin Blue Line Union Jack Patch
  • Police Patch
  • CTSFO Patch
  • “12” Unit Patch

Figure Stand

  • Exclusive CT-SFO Figure Stand & Name Plate

Finally, I found some time to unmint this figure from its box and take a closer look. As I directly ordered from Soldier Story it’s the first time I actually received one of these SS shipping boxes.

The box itself has great art work as usual from SS and I am that kind of person that holds on to all of the boxes. I even have an own shelf for them only, which is running out of space now.
By the way, not sure if that originates in copyright infringement issues, but DAM had great boxes back then as well. I kind of disliked it when they changed the whole box art to displaying a real image of the toy itself instead of having all the nice unit logos etc. Think they changed this around the 7803X figures.

Fortunately, they provide a figure stand. Shelf dives good bye.

Body shots, in case some of you are not familiar with the new “kind of” muscle body, used with the SS100 NYPD ESU already.

Arm movement is very stiff, but better than too loose

The new body also includes forearm hair. Nice addition, however these remind me more on an ape than a human.

For a better fit of the clothes,I guess, SS is providing these padding suits/parts now since the SS100.


New gen body thigh enhancers. They decreased the detail by scratching the veins, but no harm done, as they stay hidden anyway and the new ones sit much tighter.

Head is straight from the SS089 Panama figure

Shirt with smudged printing. Looked much better on the promo pics. Figured out I got a faulty one and need replacement. Is SHEAF an actual brand?

Lots of people complained about the SS denims from the SS086. This one is quite the same.

A drawback is the missing button to open/close the pants, but that could be added.

The Levi’s logo is blurred on purpose due to copyright issues (assumably)

All pockets are real

For a more life like look they also added these drapes

The boots have some glue stains, but I am still impressed by the workmanship of 1/6 cloth boots.

You have the usual logos applied and even this small metal GORE-TEX plate next to the laces on the image down below (also visible a small glue accident next to it).

When searching for the exact shoe type, I realized that the model Soldier Story is using is not sold anymore and also Salomon changed its logo some time ago to a simple S. Time to develop new 1/6 boots SS!

Here comes the supposed to be North Face CYCLONE jacket

You can’t really argue about it not being a nice piece, despite the SS logo on the left hand side replacing a North Face one. I had to restore a tiny glue drop somewhere on the outside shell of this jacket though, which proves @AdamC point.

The straps to tighten the hood are actually working

They even added a tiny cord lock

Chest comes with the infamous SS logo which destroyed the look of this item for some collectors

The rear

Real pockets

Elastic cuffs

Inside of the jacket

Over to the headgear. The former MMS9002 was probably the first 1/6 figure coming with a British Metropolitan Cap, but the fit wasn’t perfectly done. I had high hopes for this figure, but they couldn’t match my expections either. Especially, the images taken directly from the front look a bit weird.

Sunglasses from Oakley as all Soldier Story products

Neck gaiter comes in an olive color. Don’t try to pull it on a mannequin or over a headsculpt as it’s not wide enough. Remove the figures head first.

SF-10 gas mask

Nothing new but highly detailed and functional. Much superior to DAM’s version.

Detachable filter

Some close ups without filter to showcase further details

Adjusting the size of this mask is very easy. The straps are quite durable and have a secure hold, however don’t need too much force to adjust their lentgh.


Close ups



GPS stubby antenna with wording

Connecting them

You need to remove this tiny cover, which requires some force

Applying the cable pointing downwards gives a perfect fit as I did. Applying it upwards will give a loose fit, but won’t matter as you need to squeeze it into the radio pouch anyway

After having done the headgear, I am a bit dissatisfied as there is no helmet provided, which this is due to this reference pic down below. I’ll add a black FAST helmet like these guys on the right are wearing on a later stage, when it arrives (although one of them looks like he’s wearing an EXFIL, but hard to make out).


Cloth gloves. I figured out how to apply them within 5min so I appreciate this task as I am appreciating MOLLE webbings

Be careful when applying as the cuffs are very tight on these and might be damged or rip when pulling to hard. I managed to do so unfortunately.

Under Armour logo

Elbow and knee pads

Looks like X-Pads to me and should be SS’s first one

They can’t be opened via velcro, but have to be pushed up the forearm all the way to the elbow. A bit difficult as one of mine was particularly tight.

The knee caps, which we have seenwith DAM, too.

The fit is better than these stiff pads might look like. The round shape sits very well on the knee joint.


On the inside you have these side armor pouches attached. MIght be useful just as simple storage place, too.

Shoulder straps

Pads can’t be removed as they are sewed onto the straps

Front opening

3 mag pouches at the front

This one has even different segments for the mags, which the Easy Simple vest was lacking

Then there is an empty opening on the front behind the mag pouches

Plate provided

Groin Protector has a plate as well

But due to the small opening it’s be difficult to remove, hence put it back in place

Technically, the groin protector can be removed by unhinging here (see arrow)

Rear can be opened, too, and reveals elastic straps

Rear plate

Carrying handle

Store inside…

…or outside. My carrying handle was behind the shoulder straps when looking at it from the rear, so I needed to pull the whole vest through the handle to have it the other way round. Note, there are no options to detach any parts, so that was the only way for me.

Pouches for the vest

Single pistol pouch

RAMP (Rapid Access Medical Pouch). Have a look for more acronyms.

Zipper and velcro opening

The MOLLE velcro base is attached to the vest, that holds the actual pouch which is also secured by a strap.

As it comes empty, I decided to fill it with 2 tourniquets. These are from the SS104.


They just fit

Fast mag holders

These are nicely done, very detailed. Real rubber bands are wrapped around it and instead of a knot in the bungy sling they added a tiny cord lock.

The straps work kind of like the usual MOLLE system…

…and hold in place via this pin at the bottom of the mag holder.

Some straps somehow were too short and I needed to lengthen them. This resulted in exposing these glue stains where the straps were glued together at the wrong length.

Fast mag holders are also very tight, actually almost too tight for the mags

Hammer holder and strap

Metal pipe is sewed onto the adapter and can’t be detached

Dump pouch

Attaching the dump pouch

I was left puzzled where to attach the radio pouch

Later, I actually figured out it’s “usually” applied on the inside like this.

Then add the side armor pouches on top. This way the radio pouch won’t interfere with any items or obstacles of your sorrounding environment, because it’s hidden away.

However, in 1/6 scale it will turn out too bulky and I opted for putting it on the outside for the moment

The radio pouch is, as already mentioned, very tight and the attached cable from the headphones will most likely prevent you from inserting the radio. Therefore try to to push it in in a 45° angle

Completed vest

Duty belt with pouches (won’t showcase the pistol mag pouch anymore)

I actually forgot to add these items to the previous image

Belt with belt loop

Drop leg panel

Double grenade pouch


Multi-tool pouch

Added this belt loop as it was previewed but not provided by Soldier Story (buy loose from SS103 e.g.)

Completed belt

Patches (no stickers). All are having a velcro back


Justin Luther Like the SS102 and SS103 I realized SS is taking the pictures of their actual headsculpts

Light sticks

First time I saw SS making two tone color sticks

Locking carabiners

Trifold restraints

SS tried to release this figure with as little company logos as possible, but here they introduced ASP the first time, if I am not mistaken.

The SUUNTO watch

However, compared to other companies SS made the effort to replicate even the back with the battery compartment




Rope cutter

Sits quite loose in the sheath and I fixed it by applying a small piece of tape on the inside

However, you can’t just attach it to the vest as is. It’s missing the elastic strap ilke in the preview picture (see top right hand corner)


used a string now

Handcuffs with keys attached to them

The hammer is the same as the one from the SS100 entry tools

All parts are plastic


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