Review Soldier Story CT-SFO Review Part 2

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Weapons: Firstly the dagger. It bears the Benchmade logo like the previous seen rope cutter

SIts nicely in the sheath and won’t come out as easily as the rope cutter

Again no reference from SS. This time it’s regarding the dagger, but I assume it’s meant to be worn at an ankle joint

Flashbangs are nothing new

Here comes the deal with the G-17 CTSFO issue. At least it’s not the typical greyish/silverish issue, but for bashing this doesn’t leave any options than a CTSFO officer.

The marking is on the right side of the barrel, but depending on the angle of the light falling onto it it might look completely invisible

The other alteration next to the CTSFO wording is the golden highlights/parts

G17 mag with red base

Streamlight as only the previous HK units from SS had provided so far


Of course you can disassemble it as all SS Glocks. The takedown pins have a really tight fit on these pistols. Might be the result from trying to give them a sort of golden coating.

The 516 is just enough SIG for me to not be another boring 416

Compared to a 416 it has lesser disassembly options though

I actually thought they implemented a second takedown pin on the front of the lower

But that seems to be exclusive to Easy Simple

Starting with the stock

Fire selector is working

Charging handle as well

These holes in the handguard might be able to hold a sling swivel

Barrel can’t be detached

Lots of wording here

If the sling swivel on the back wouldn’t have been glued in you should be able to switch it for lefties

MOE wording on the grip. Also looks like you could open the grip storage, but unfortunately it is glued in

Structure on the magwell. Maybe for a better grip?

Top and bottom

Quick dimension comparison to a SS 416

Sling. I think SS made the sling hooks less flimsy since the SS104, which is a plus, so they won’t detach by themselves

Blank adapter

Grip is highly awesome

Would have been a nice feature if you could actually open the storage space here, too.

Cable with switch attached to the grip via a rubber tube. I rather not remove it as I had to assemble it myself with the SS090 rifle grip once and it’s quite easy to damage the grip this way


just removed it and it is easy. The tube is not too tight

The grip

Tactical light with green laser is as awesome as the foregrip.

TLR-2 HL® G Patented


Back up sights with missing wording.

T-1 sight without wording or any other great details. Is this high base a real item or is SS miss somthing here like a lever or so?


You can’t fold the magnifier aside as older SS Aimpoints as this is the twist mount version

Disappointing they didn’t include this feature considering it’s Soldier Story. I tried very hard to twist it to the side, but seems to be glued to the rail adapter

Soldier Story’s first L5 mag. Wording is hard to make out with this color choice


Plate can be removed

Geared up

I like the combination of these three new parts: adapter, grip and light

Some updates before showing the completed figure

Shirt with sharper wording

SS058 helmet as mentioned earlier

Turned out the headphones are too large for the fit of the helmet and I needed to change back to the cap…

Full figure


  • Lots of new or altered gear like e.g. rifle, jeans, pistol, vest and cap
  • Parts and pouches actually fit, so only very little adjustments needed (unsual to SS)
  • It’s actually less of a hustle now to acquire an exclusive from SS due to pre-orders and retailers are even parting them out
  • “Decent” MSRP in comparison to older exclusives
  • Up to date topic with realistic load out
  • Patches with velcro base (sadly this is a plus now)


  • Reused headsculpt SS089, in case someone cares


  • Lots of small negatives like bad executed parts (The longer I reviewed this figure, the more was apparent. E.g. top MOLLE webbing of side of the vest was accidently sewed up)
  • Too little brand marks on items e.g. jacket, magnifier, sights (might be due to copyright issues)
  • Aimpoint magnifier is not functional
  • Assembly guide would be nice here, as it took me a lot of time to figure out certain things by browsing the web
  • Print on shirt is not well done on mine and also others as I saw at other retailers (“had” to buy replacement)

Great review! Fantastic! :+1:

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Crazy work these reviews :blush:… and hyper detailed as usual.

I have a lot of SoldierStory and am always impressed by the detail and the number of spare parts on the weapons, even if I never disassemble entirely … (too afraid to break everything) :weary:

And, yes, thank you for your incredible work.:ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Amazing review, fantastic pictures and comments. Must have taken forever to put this together. :+1::+1:

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Yeah, great review chpo. Nice looking figure as well.

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Great review and very detailed. Very good photo section and shows what you really get. You have put much work in this. Many thanks again for some of the loose parts :wink::+1::+1::+1:

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