Rigger’s belt question

Hey guys, quick question regarding battle belts, I currently have this belt(picture below) from E&S, I believe this belt is a Rigger’s belt from Blackhawk. My question regarding this belt and other Rigger’s belts is that are they intended to have pouches mounted on them? Things like magazine pouches, medical pouches, etc. Or are they just meant to act as a traditional belt, and are only capable of sustaining a holster? Another caveat to the question above is, what are the advantages and disadvantages between say the Rigger’s belt in question, and say a molle belt, beyond the fact that a molle belt can hold more equipment. Thanks in advance!

You can mount stuff too this belt, Mille can be more comfortable though with how things are mounted, these belts are capable of holding an operator up in full kit, thats the purpose of that metal loop by the buckle is where the clip part of their teather to the helicopter

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Cool thanks for the insight, so 2 taco mag pouches with magazines, a dump pouch and a medical pouch wouldn’t be unrealistic?

That would be fine! Do it!


Thank you I’m always striving for realism and you know what they say devils in the details