Royal Danish Navy Frømandkorpset in Afghanistan 2001-2002

Someone on FB made a Danish Bash!


That is GREAT! The uni looks a bit like German Desert Flecktarn, but not quite, am I right?! Any idea, where you could get that pattern?
I wish some company would finally tackle the subject of Scandinavian SOF - much more interesting and appealing to me than Chinese PLA figures, anyway…

I only know of one Norwegian so far:

Also check this one. I listed all non-US forces for a better overview

Perfection! You’ve absolutely crushed this

I haven’t been here for some time - been out of the hobby for a while, then worked and still work on older periods - so I am trying to catch on.
To stay on topic, this is a Danish JGK in Afghanistan ca. 2009 I made a couple of years ago.

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This Fromandkorpset, for all its originality, and nice custom parts, is more typical of the end of the decade; there are a few things that were not available in 2001-2, from Comtac headset, AN/PEQ 15, Diemaco C8 still had the M4-type front sight, &c.

I vaguely remember this, was it originally on OSW? Regardless, he looks amazing! The C8 in particular, as well as the camo pattern, are just great