Royal Marines 2019 - somewhere in Europe.

managed to take my figures onto the dunes… Only 5 so far but will be full section strength. Royal Marines 2019, wearing MTP and Virtus combat body system. On live fire exercise for downed pilot rescue.

First few shots are of the team after they got dropped into the area by helicopter, forming an all-round defence. The shots after are of the team patrolling along the sandy terrain. Before people might moan about being too clean, these have just been dropped from base and the terrain doesn’t lend itself to being muddy. (plenty reference pics like this).




Wow, that’s a really nice group! I love the photo setup, and the kit looks great - those Altbergs in particular look much better IRL than in the promo pics.

thanks Canuck - yes…I had bought some DAM ones and resprayed them brown as really did not want the Altbergs which came with it - until I actually bought one!! I talk regularly with John who runs GWG…told him they are great in person. I ended up not using the DAM ones lol - I have added 2 pics of the close ups

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Close up of GWG Altbergs. much nicer IRL

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Google Photos


Wow, very impressive group and pics. Looks great.