Royal Navy Commando: The Vanguard Strike Company

Latest bash 2 x Vanguard Strike Company (VSC) - Royal Navy Commandos.

New UK Royal Marines Commando created as part of a Future Commando Force -  ARMYNOW.NET

In July 2020. The Royal Marines established The Vanguard Strike Company (VSC) A new unit selected from a group of Army/Navy commandos totaling 150. This is part of Future Commando Force (FCF) an ongoing review of how best to utilize manpower & technologies in the future. Basically how best to modernise the Royal Marine commandos.
These commandos will have access to new technologies & weaponry. For example, the new uniform is from crye precision, its multicam and benefits from higher tear strength, lighter-weight, faster drying and is more breathable than typical 50/50 cotton/nylon mix. Weaponry changes, they will receive the C8 Diemaco, rather than standard issue British battle rifle SA80 A3/A2. This is all part of making the Vanguard team feel like a special unit.
The commandos will work in small versatile teams that will be tailored for each respective mission. The hope is to create a more agile and Lethal capability, ready for missions at a moments notice, whether war fighting or humanitarian operations or commando raids. Basically highly trained firefighters, to be dropped into the arctic or middle east at a moment’s notice
The Vanguard Commandos will also wear new shoulder flash & patches. The arched black and green Royal Marines Commando shoulder flash will be changed to a navy blue and red velcro-attaching rectangular patch, which dates back to the Second World War. Rectangular patches are also available in other backing colours, ie multical & army green.
New technology that has been trailed covers unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) & drones. Personnel have also been stationed on ships rather than in the UK, so they can get to locations around the globe faster.
Vanguard Strike Company will be deployed for the first time in mid-2021.

Breakdown of figure parts (just covered main parts):

Many of below items are from DamToys 78042 FBI HRT figure - always thought this figure was underrated - great for bitz.





GEN3 SUIT (MultiCam)

GEN3 PANTS (MultiCam)

AVS (Adaptive Vest System) (MultiCam)





Easy & Simple

British Special Force 1/6 Scale Weapon Set A (L119A1/L17A2)

Merrell boots (no idea what exact figure I got them off - driving me nuts)

Drop down leg pouch

Drop down pistol holster

Pistol P226 with torch (Dragon)

L4G24 NVG Mount


IP 11 Tactical Personal Terminal With Protective Case

Scratch built items:

Face mask - Spoonflower multicam

40mm grenades pouch - spoonflower multicam

Shoulder Patches NEW issue to Vanguard Strike Company.

Note: rucksack from my parts bin, no idea who made it. Very good match to DamToys multicam uniform, so maybe Damtoys?

Photo with pistol: Pistol - bought a bag of 10 includes plastic holster and straps. Basic plastic toys - great for customisation. On this one I cut off long torch, added metallic paint to lower body. Plan on dremeling off torch section on a few, then add decal camouflage pattern - multicam of course but will use other camo patterns just to see what they look like.


Great work here! I love all the little custom details like the face mask and the patches. Top tier bash.

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Dude great bash! That hand gun and green holster brings back memories . It was the first lose parts that I ever bought for a bash . A long time ago. ( good time memories) rock on :metal::+1:

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Great looking figure.

Just looking at the pack, the camo pattern almost looks like the stuff that was offered by Very Hot. It had a bit more of a brown tinge to the whole pattern than most Multicam has. It might also be the Merit And the pistol is almost certainly VH Glock as well. Nice rework on that piece.

Nice work on the facemask too.

cdn_rhino - thanks for feedback. So pleased with mask, its Spoonflower material (1/6 multicam) cut into v shape (wild west type face mask). On top edge I glued a thin strip of foil you find on yogurt or pudding desserts (cleaned up lol). Its great material - slim/light/very strong/very flexible. This gave me a great top edge that I could fit against the contours of figures face, getting a nice snug fit, then just strips of velcro at rear to secure the mask. Big fan or this foil, used it to create maps (apply decal - paint it “papercolur”) and holsters in 1/18 scale. I love finding stuff around the house to help me scratch build stuff - trail n error.


Great work love what you did with the handgun.

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