Russian Armored Carrier BTR-80 Diorama Elfbait Minitures

Russian Armored Carrier BTR-80 Diorama
This is great for your 1/6 scale Russian soldiers. If you don’t have room for a full BTR-80, this partial one will do very nicely. You can pose up to 5 or 6 figs (2 on top, 1 or 2 inside, 2 on the ground).
The hull is made of metal. Tires are resin with polyurethane foam filling. The rest of the parts are resin.


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Thias looks really cool - but I would prefer the complete BTR-80 :stuck_out_tongue:

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That would cost thousands of dollars…Haha…

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It doesn’t fit into my collection, but if I had Russian figures, I’d probably have this.

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Would prefer if they made the rear of the vehicle in full, seems like that would look better, and you could pose your troops disembarking.

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